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Welcome to Do Tricky dear friends, our Official Site is www.dotricky.com and Dear Friends, Our Single motive to provide Information to common People. But before Using our Site Please Read our Privacy Policy, Terms, and Conditions, Disclaimer, etc.

Also, if you visit out Trick Category then Must read the Final Word or Conclusions. So, now we just put details about the Categories of Our Site.

There are Many Categories of Our Site also, Some More Categories may be added in the Future But we discussing now for the existing categories.

Categories Details

So, Up to now, we have Five Major categories and that are listed below.

  • Satta Matka
  • Guessing Trick
  • Download
  • Com. Tricks
  • Full-Form

Satta Matka

In this category, we discuss and explore all details about the Satta Matka Games as our aim is not promoting the Satta Matka games. Because the Satta Matka Online Game is Banned In Our Country. So, Be careful before learning and play in those types of games.

Guessing Trick

In This Category we are providing Some Satta Matka Guessing Trick By this You can get all ideas about Satta Matka.

Com. Tricks

This category, you should find the content like Social, Google, Blogging, Daily life Tricks.


In this category, We Provide you some latest movie and Song Download links to download movies and Songs to your own local device so, if you browse this category then you may get the latest songs and movie link and you can enjoy them easily by downloading them to your device.


In this category, we put the Full Form articles that people searching around the web. Also, we recommend a daily update Full-Form site that can you get all the latest Full-Form details.