Top 5 Free Backlink Checker Tool | for free, Ahref, Semrush

Free Backlink Checker Tool: Hello, dear friends in this article we discuss the Top Five Free Backlink Checker Tool. Also, we put the information about how you use the premium Backlink Checker Tool.

So, you can use Aherf and Semrush tool for free to Check your Domain Authority and Url Authority. Also, you view your complete Backlink Profile.

Free Backlink Checker Tool

When A blogger wants to rank his post on Google. Then he has to build a strong profile of your website or Blog. Also, you know Backlink and Referring Domain how much important to build a strong profile of your blog. So, let’s start the list and process for Free Backlink Checker Tool.

Top Five Free Backlink Checker Tool

  • Google Search Console
  • Ahref
  • Semrush
  • Ubersuggest
  • SmallSeoTool

When you search for the Backlink checker tool for your blog. So, I found all the above tools are most genuine that show the perfect result of your Backlink status. So, read below there all the details and the links are given. Also, by using this link you can use Premium Backlink Checker Tool for free.

Ranking Graph of free Backlink Checker Tool

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Google Search Console

If you think how you check your complete Backlink profile. Then you have big genuine Tool that Google Search Console. Also, this tool provides all the details of your External Link on your Website. Also, gives details of the No. of Internal Link on your site.

If you want to know your genuine Backlink that Google Accept for your Blog and Giving Ranking through this point. So, Use easy and Simple Google Search Console. If you want to learn how to See your Backlink Profile in Google Search Console then read below

How To Use Google Search Console for Backlink

Open your browser and go to the Google Webmaster or Google Search Console.

When Google Search Console got Opened. So, now you have to Click on the “Links” Under the Option Security and Manual Action. the process is in below Image.

Free Backlink Checker Tool

After that when Click on The Links. So, now you see the External Link and Internal Links of Your Site. If you want to more details of any Backlink then click with your Choice to any link

Free Backlink Checker Tool

So, In this way, you can see all the Genuine Backlink of your site on the Google Search Console. Also, you can see how many Links come to your site from which site. Also, top Linking Pages of your site. This is the process of how you Check your Backlink using Free Backlink checker tool Google Search Console.

Go To Google Webmaster Or Google Search Console

Ahref – Free Backlink Checker Tool

When you search for the Backlink Checker Tool then you got the Second Result Ahref. This is a very Good tool that provides totally correct data to the user. But Ahref is a Premium Tool but also, you can use the Backlink Checker Tool of Ahref for free.

Now we put the details on how you use Ahref Backlink Checker Tool for free. By this tool, you can check the backlink of Domain as well as the backlink of a Url. Also, you can check the Domain Authority of your Domain. Also, you can Page Authority or URL Rating using this tool. Just follow the below step to use Ahref for your website.

How To Use Ahref Backlink Checker

There is no special Process to access the Ahref Backlink Checker Tool. Just you have to click the Below Link that we put in the Last. After that, you can use this and put unlimited Domains and Check the Backlink Status.

When you click on the link to check your Backlink. The interface is open now you have to put your domain or URL that you want to check your backlink. Showing in the Below Image

Ahref Tool

When you Put your Domain or URL details then you have to Solve the Google Recaptcha. After that, the Result means the Backlink profile of the URL appears in the Window.

This is the Simple Process of using the Ahref Free Backlink Checker Tool. Also, you can use this tool for unlimited Domains or URL.

Go To Ahref Backlink Checker Tool

SemRush – Backlink Checker

When you look at the free Backlink checker tool then The Semrush is coming in No. Third. Also, this is a premium Seo Tool but the Semrush organization provides 10 Query free for daily. This is a better opportunity for new bloggers they can use this tool to improve their SEO of the Site.

The Semrush is very simple to use but also, we put the steps to check your backlink status. So follow below Steps also, you can all Seo Activity using Semrush tool for this our next article on the Semrush Tool Explore how to Use for your Site must Subscribe Our Blog Via Gmail. Now follow the Steps on how to Check your Backlink Profile using the free Backlink Checker Semrush Tool.

How To Use Semrush AS Free Backlink Checker

If you have not a current user of Semrush then first create Your Account. Also, if you are already Using your Semrush Account then Log-In to your Account.

When you Log-In to Your Account then now You Can see the Dashboard of your account. So, now you have to go to “Domain Analytics” under domain analytics you have to click on the Backlink. As in the image below.

Semrush Tool

Simply now you have to put your domain address or an URL after that you have to click on the Check it option. So, now all backlink Status of your site or URL is displayed on Screen.

This is the complete process of how you use Semrush to view your Backlink profile. Also, I bring a new Blogging Series on that I put how to use Semrush to improve our Blog or Site SEO. Also, I put the Information about how you use The Semrush Unlimited times for free. so keep following this Blog. Now times for next Backlink checkers.

Go To SEMRUSH Free Account

Ubersuggest – Free Backlink Checker Tool

UberSuggest is a completely free SEO tool also, you can check the Backlink profile of your Website or Blog. This tool by Neil Patel you can use this tool for keyword research, Domain analysis, etc.

Ubersuggest tool

When you call for free backlink checker tool the Ubersuggest is no. forth tool that provides accurate data. This is very simple to use follow the below steps to know how to use it.

How to Use Ubersuggest to Check Backlink

When you to see your backlink profile by Ubersuggest then you have some simple steps. This is first you have to search the Ubersuggest on your browser and open the first result.

When one the Ubersuggest just you have to put the Domain address or URL. after that automatically you can see all status of that particular URL.

If you want Separately watch the Backlink profile. Then you have to go to the SEO Analyzer. Then Under SEO analyzer, you have to click on the Backlink. Now you can see all the backlink Status of the URL.

Ubersuggest tool

This is the simple process for Ubersuggest Free Backlink Checker Tool. if you want to know more about Ubersuggest. That how you can use for Keyword Researching then comment below I put next article on that. Now is the time for the Last Free Backlink Checker Tool

Go To Ubersuggest- Free Backlink Checker Tool

Small SEO Tool – Free Backlink Checker

When search any tools related SEO, Keyword Research, Analyzing then the Small SEO tool is a complete package of all tool. Also, here you can make Backlinks for your website. The first, think is now we just talk about Checking the Backlink Profile of any URL.

If you don’t use Small SEO Tool then follow the steps to check your website Backlink Status. Remember this is a complete tools list where you can get the facility for improving your Google Ranking your website.

How To Use Small SEO Tool

Go to your web browser and search for Small SEO tool. When you search this term some result showing in front of you and you have to click on the first option.

When Small SEO Tools Open then here you get many options like Image Text Content Tool, Editing Tools, Keyword Tools, and Backlink tool, etc. Just you have to go for the fourth option Backlink Tool. Then you have to choose Backlink Checker the First option.

Small SEO tool

Now you have to put your URL and then you have to choose if you want just the backlink of the Particular URL or You want to view all backlink of the Domain.

Small SEO tool

Solve The Google Recaptcha then click on the Get Backlink. After that all the backlink list is open. This is the complete process view Backlink Profile Using the Free Backlink Checker Tool.

Go To Small SEO Tools Free Backlink Checker

Rating Percentage

Google Search Console100
Small SEO tools65

Last Term

This is all about Free Backlink Checker Tools. if you like the post then share it with your friends. Also, if you have any problem with this post then comment below. Also, if you have any suggestions for then kindly comment below. follow for next tricky posts.

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