Gaming Tips: What Are the Features of a Good Gaming Laptop?


Planning on getting a new laptop for gaming? You don’t want to purchase an outdated potato. At the same time, you don’t want to buy something too expensive with unnecessary features. What makes a good gaming laptop? What features and specs should you look for first? Don’t fret, we’ve got the gaming tips you seek right here.

Read on below for the most crucial considerations in getting a gaming laptop:

Graphical Capabilities

The best laptop features focus on providing the best gaming experience. On that note, you’ll want to get a laptop with the highest-grade GPU. This means buying a laptop with Nvidia RTX 30s graphic cards or an AMD Radeon of the same power.

A few years back, you’d have to settle for a mobile version of a GPU card. Those days are slowly fading away. Many gaming laptops now come with the same GPU you’d find on a desktop computer.

Resolution and Refresh Rate

A good gaming laptop features a reliable monitor. You won’t be able to enjoy 1080p or 4K resolution gaming if your laptop doesn’t come with a screen that can support it, after all.

The resolution is only one aspect. You also need to consider the refresh rate. The higher the refresh rate, the fewer instances there are of screen-burn and visual lag.

Keep in mind that the bigger your screen is, the more likely the laptop will feature a better graphics card and other hardware. Smaller laptops are more portable, yes, but they will lack the space for cooling powerful GPUs.


Processing Power


After the GPU, the next main feature to consider is the laptop’s processing power. You won’t get anywhere without a processor that can handle the demands of a modern video game. At the very least, you’ll want an AMD Radeon 7 or an Nvidia i7 (tenth generation).

Never settle for a low-end processor, like an Intel Celeron. These can handle low-end games or older titles, like World of Warcraft and Counter-Strike: Global Offense. Unfortunately, they won’t run games like Cyberpunk 2077 on ultra-settings, especially while recording or streaming online. Of course, you don’t want to break the bank. The good news is you can still find a decent gaming unit with enough power for the right price, like this laptop here.

Additional Features and Accessories

When choosing a gaming laptop, don’t forget about some of the deluxe accessories and features that come with an expensive purchase. You’ll want a comfortable keyboard that is responsive and not mushy to the touch. LED lights can help you see the keys in the dark and look for a laptop with a number keypad for convenience.

Follow These Gaming Tips and Buy the Best Laptop Today

With the right budget and these gaming tips, you’ll be able to get the best gaming laptop in the market. Look for features like a powerful GPU, processor, and screen. Don’t forget to look at the additional accessories and built-in features for further convenience.

But why end here when there’s more to tackle when it comes to PC gaming?

The good news is we’ve got what you need. Dive right into our other gaming tips today to pick up all the tips and tricks for PC gaming and more.

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