How to Wear Body Chain Jewelry

Are you looking to revamp your style with body jewelry? Today, body chain jewelry is making a resurgence in the fashion industry. Regardless of gender, occasion, or season, people wear a body chain to elevate their looks.

However, you can’t simply slap on some jewelry and call it a day. If you don’t know how to style a body chain, it can ruin your outfit instead of elevating it.

So, what’s the best way to wear body chains? Read on to learn how to use chain jewelry.

What Is a Body Chain?

Although chain jewelry has a long history, its prime in the fashion industry began in the late 2000s. These accessories are often worn around the chest, hips, or on your back.

Crisscrossing is one of the most common ways to style body chains. Many layer them on top of their outfits to highlight their body shape. In some cases, people wear it underneath to add a subtle edge.

There are no restrictions that limit people from using chain jewelry. Anyone can add a body chain to their outfit regardless of gender and age.

Wear Body Chain Jewelry Anytime

With summer rolling in, you may want to add an edge to your beach or festival outfits. Summer is the perfect time to wear chain jewelry due to summer events like Coachella and Lollapalooza.

People love going out of their comfort zone and putting extra effort into their outfits. They wear colorful makeup, artistic attire, and sparkling jewelry pieces. That’s also why body chains are more popular around the summer.

However, you can wear chain jewelry in autumn, winter, and spring. Whether you attend a casual or formal event, you can enhance your attire with one.

For instance, you can spice up your beach look with belly chains. To add extra sparkle to your tube dress, wear a shoulder chain. If you want to be stylish during autumn, crisscross chain jewelry on top of your inner fit and leave your coat open.

Follow a Good Color Scheme

One factor to consider when styling body chains is outfit color and pattern. If you wear chain jewelry on top of your clothes, ensure it complements your outfit. You don’t want to layer a belly chain over a striped shirt.

In this case, the chain jewelry becomes hard to see. The thickness of the pattern can overshadow the thin chain. If you want to enhance your outfit, fashion experts say let the body jewelry carry it.

Style your chain jewelry over a block color and less-patterned clothes. Aside from standing out, it accentuates your body figure better over a solid color. It also helps to consider the color of your chain jewelry.

If you opt for a gold finish, choose warm-toned colors. Use dark and solid shades for silver pieces, such as black, navy blue, or red. If your body chain is bronze, wear neutral colors for your outfit.

Style It With a Fitting Outfit

Apart from enhancing an outfit, people wear body chains to enhance their natural figures. Chain jewelry can boost confidence and teach them to love their figure.

To bring out the edgy look, pick a nice fitting outfit. You want to start with a defined silhouette to make the body chain look good.

Remember, the purpose of wearing a body chain is to highlight your figure. With this, embrace your body to gain confidence in wearing one. In addition, not all clothing goes well with every body type.

Some clothes can make you look big, small, tall, or short. Wearing a body chain on an outfit that doesn’t appeal to you can ruin the whole look. Start with a good outfit base and work from there.

Choose Your Style

Did you know that there are different styles of body chains? From shoulder chains to thigh chains, you have several choices on how to style your fit. Moreover, some are simpler, more complex, or more delicate than others.

With the variety of styles, you must choose what fits your style. You can try each type of body chain. However, you can find yourself appreciating one over the other.

You can also choose jewelry depending on the features you want to highlight.

For instance, you want to highlight your curves in a swimsuit. You can wear belly chains to accentuate your hips. Use shoulder chains with extending drapes if you want to feature your shoulders and arms.

Consider Its Design

Another factor you must consider when wearing chain jewelry is its design. Like clothes, some chain styles look off in an outfit.

Assess its design to ensure it elevates your outfit and accentuates your figure. You can try it on and see if it goes well with your clothes and body.

Remember, body chains serve as statement jewelry. Wearing one allows you to present yourself with confidence and pride. It’ll look thoroughly off if the design doesn’t suit the outfit.

Body chain designs range from simple thin chains to extravagant chains with jewels. In some cases, people wear a basic piece over a casual outfit. When attending special events, they prefer a fancy design to elevate their look.

However, this can differ depending on the circumstances of the event.

Everything You Need to Know About Wearing Chain Jewelry

Now you know how to wear chain jewelry to enhance your outfits. Aside from having confidence, learning to style body chain jewelry is crucial. Even the most beautiful jewelry can ruin an outfit if it doesn’t complement it.

You can use chain jewelry on almost all occasions. Wear it on top of complimenting colors, consider its design, and choose your style. If you want to keep serving the best looks, check out our other blog posts for more fashion tips.

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