Strata are apartment complexes or types of dwellings combined, and strata cleaning is simply put, cleaning and maintaining the common areas of the building and not the individual units.

The idea of strata maintenance services originated in Australia. There are many strata cleaning services in Sydney alone. Sydney’s market for commercial strata cleaners is very high. Researching strata cleaning services to find the perfect fit and the right company is a tremendous task. This article will help in deciding on good strata cleaning service. The following are the things to consider while hiring strata cleaning service. 

Length of Service

A company’s reputation can be determined by the number of years it has been in business. Although quality comes over quantity, the number of years a company has been in business tells a lot about their service and their trustworthiness among clients. Researching the company website is an excellent way to determine the years of service and all the required information. It will also help read the testimonials and debouchage canalisation ile de france feedback of their existing clients to know more about the company.


This is a major contributing factor when hiring strata cleaning service contractor for most businesses. Do remember that low price offers do not always equal quality. Sometimes, some companies work for small fees since they are not bonded and insured, and some companies do not have all the necessary background checks required for running strata cleaning service. Remember to consider the reputation of the company over the cost but also ensure to stay on budget. 

  • Make sure to be upfront about the budget while talking about the price. Good strata cleaning service should adhere to the client’s needs based on the client’s budget. Usually, the pricing of a strata cleaning job is set based on the client’s cleaning requirements.
  • Make sure to check the cleaning materials and the equipment that the cleaning service owns. They should be what a professional cleaner requires to get the job done since the cleaning costs also include the cleaning materials and equipment. 


It is always recommended to approach strata cleaning service provider with a wide array of services so that the client is not stuck with a cleaning business with limited options. Strata cleaning service providers with a diverse selection of services can be easily relied upon in times of emergency. You may also check Merit Maids cleaning services.


Make sure to hire strata cleaning service provider with reliable employees since a cleaner constantly coming and leaving will affect the overall reputation of the cleaning service provider. Ask the service provider relevant questions about their employees, and determine whether they are screened with satisfactory background checks. A high turnaround rate is one of the most significant challenges that the cleaning industry faces. 

Insurance and Bond

Make sure to employ strata cleaning services in Sydney that are adequately insured and bonded for added security. This marks the company’s potential, making existing clients trust them more, and it is easier for everyone to sleep soundly. In case any accidents should happen when the cleaner is onsite, it will be the client who will be held responsible. Since most of the cleaning work is done after working hours, insurance is also ideal if it is an office building. 

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