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The Worst Leagues in Path of Exile

There are leagues in Path of Exile that are certainly not worth your time. 

Anyone who has played Path of Exile by Grinding Gear Games will already have an idea of the unique features that are found within. One particular part of the game, besides the PoE currency system, that really makes Path of Exile stand out is the leagues. These offer you additional gameplay experiences, but it’s worth pointing out that some are a lot worse than others. With that in mind, these are the top picks for the worst leagues in PoE.


We will add the Bestiary league first, since it’s probably the most controversial choice on the list. It has undergone a lot of changes following its inception, and it really did suffer with poor gameplay mechanics back in the day. 

It seemed on the surface that it had a pretty good thing going. In Bestiary, you could locate rare beasts that would be equipped with strong mods. As you wore down the enemy’s health, you could then launch a net over it to have it captured. This would then take the monster to The Menagerie, where you could craft items and mods through blood rituals. 

So, what was the problem? The main issue with this is that there was a whole bunch of tiers to contend with as far as nets go. Because of this, you would end up killing the majority of these rare monsters by accident, which wouldn’t sit well with players hoping to catch them.


This league is tough. Despite all the preparations you can make using PoE Trade and grinding, the Invasion league was something that will live long in the memory of those who take the hardcore approach. 

Fans who attempted this league will argue that it was straight up unfair at times. It was only available for hardcore players and would spawn in bosses to random areas of the game. For example, you could be in one of the earlier acts and end up being destroyed by a boss from much later in the game. Not the fairest way to meet your doom, but an apparent one, nonetheless. 


Simplistic at its core, the Onslaught league was one of the initial challenge leagues added to Path of Exile. You would expect some additional unique items, which were granted, but that was about it. The league set out to speed everything up by 20%, though there wasn’t much else to it. This didn’t really make for an exciting league whatsoever, earning itself a spot amongst the lesser popular leagues in Path of Exile.


When Torment was introduced to Path of Exile, it brought with it the opportunity of taking over enemies with ghosts. This would make them much more powerful, and in turn a lot tougher for you to take down. Any enemies that were possessed by these ghosts could then be killed to get additional loot too.

Having heard that, you are probably wondering why it’s considered to be on the list of worst leagues. The idea of the league sounds terrific, but its execution is what really let it down. Trying to use the tormented spirits to bend to your will proved to be much harder than anticipated. The loot that you received wasn’t the best either in all honesty.


There are a few arguments to say that maybe some of the choices in this list are enjoyable to certain parts of the playerbase. However, you are likely to find that many will agree on Talisman being one of, if not the worst league that has ever been added to Path of Exile. 

The premise of Talisman is that of enemies possessing talismans that would make them stronger. As you progress and smite these enemies, you would then receive the talisman from them. With a talisman, you have access to special mods, and your goal would be to unlock new unique items and stronger talismans. This is where it ran into its biggest problem. You would need to accumulate thousands of talismans to unlock these uniques, to the extent that you’d need a stash tab just for the talismans themselves.

You can appreciate the efforts to make a more inclusive league rather than separating hardcore and softcore PoE players, and trying to make a league that has a much larger group focus. That said, no amount of Exalted Orb or any kind of reward could change the fact that this was one of the worst leagues that Path of Exile has. Of course, it’s worth remembering at this point that there are some fantastic leagues out there, it’s just a case of heading out into Wraeclast and discovering them.

What are your thoughts on these worst PoE leagues lists? Let us know in the comments below!



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