10 Things You Can Do With Custom Stickers You Never Knew

10 Things You Can Do With Custom Stickers You Never Knew


You may be using stickers to decorate your journals or phone, or even a laptop or your car. But there are several other ways you can use a custom sticker creatively.


Let’s take a look. 


  1. Airplane stickers for a better experience


Some airlines offer stickers to indicate whether a passenger wants to be woken up or left undisturbed during meal times. But if you are flying on one that does not, you can still learn how to make your own stickers and use them to indicate different preferences and emergency information. You can let flight attendants and passengers know if you have an allergy or a medical condition that may require intervention. 


  1. Allergy stickers for lunchboxes


If your kids are allergic to nuts or gluten, you can create stickers and customize them to state the nature of the allergy and what needs to be done in case of an emergency. You can then stick this to the lunchbox so that it is easily accessible. 


  1. WiFi QR Codes to share passwords


If you run a cafe or a retail store, you know half of the queries from customers are to ask for the password. To enhance the security of the connection, a strong password is recommended, and so it is difficult to share a long and complicated password. There is an easy workaround to this problem. Create a WiFi QR Code and print it out as a sticker. When someone scans the QR Code, it will help them connect to the WiFi without needing them to input the password. These stickers can be placed on menus or the walls. 


  1. Kitchen rules for vacation rentals


If you rent your properties on rental websites like Airbnb, you want guests to obey house rules. If you have specific kitchen rules or instructions on how to use certain equipment, you can type it up and print it out as a sticker. You can then place this sticker at eye level in the kitchen, so it is the first thing that guests see. 


  1. Maintenance logs for hardware


Equipment that requires periodic maintenance requires the professional to record the date of last maintenance. While this is already traditionally maintained using a sticker. Over time, the stickers can add up, and it may be difficult to keep track. Another use of QR Codes is also to store text. So you can use a single QR Code sticker to record all the maintenance logs. 


  1. Contact details on dog collars


Usually, dog owners get their pet chipped so that in case the dog is lost, the owner’s information can be retrieved at a vet’s office. But if you don’t want to do that or are in a country where this is not a common practice, you can create a sticker with your contact details and paste it on your dog’s caller. Another non-intrusive way to track your dog is through the use of AirTags. 


  1. Stickers for promotion



You can use stickers on everyday items like your phone, keys, laptop, clothing, or even hat to promote a business, service, product, or yourself. Stickers can also be used to support a cause and drum up more donations. You can also use stickers in election campaigns to show support to a political party or candidate.


  1. Label for your pantry


If you love organization and want to elevate your kitchen’s organization, you can create custom stickers to label everything in your pantry. From all the dry food items to sauces to all the cutlery and plates, you can add a label for each item or drawer so that you can find everything easily. 


  1. Window decals for your store


You can add a touch of flair with custom window decals or even use the stickers to display contact information or more information about your business. You can either use readymade designs or hire a designer to create custom stickers for you. 


  1. Packaging to promote sustainability


Although recycling facilities exist, a lot of products do not get recycled because the packaging is multi-colored. Only white or natural plastic can be recycled. Darker colors do not get recycled and are instead sent to landfills. Instead of using colored plastic, companies can use stickers on the packaging instead. The company can preserve its branding while helping the environment. 


All in all


There are plenty of uses for custom stickers. You can use it for almost everything from labeling to using it to deliver information. Along with the use-cases, stickers are also very versatile in terms of where you can stick them. 


From small phone cases to large cars, you can use a sticker on any size or surface. The designs can be resized to suit any size object, and the material of the sticker can differ based on the surface it needs to stick to.

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