4 Nail Care Tips for Shiny and Strong Nails

Strong, healthy-looking nails are what every woman secretly desires. Healthy nails are essential if you like to cover your nails with pop colours, go colour free, or go with a classic French mani.

Strong and shiny nails can grab anyone’s attention towards you. You do not require expensive tools or extravagant habits to care for your nails. You can buy affordable nail care kits from nail supplies online.

The path to shiny, healthy nails is through simple daily habits and monthly maintenance.

Can Manicure Help to Get Strong and Shiny Nails?

If you rely solely on manicures for strong nails, ensure you get them from professionals. Choose a reputed salon that offers professional services. 

All the tools used for manicures should be sterilised to avoid infection. Also, do not remove cuticles. The area around cuticles is sensitive. Cuticles protect new nails when they grow out from the root.

Try to get your manicures done at least once a month. If you are getting nail extensions or any delicate nail art, visit the salon for aftercare and touch-ups to maintain them.

While manicures reward you with great nails, you should care for them in between the monthly sessions.

Tips for Shiny and Strong Nails

  • Moisturise Your Nails

The first step to healthy nails is to moisturise them. Similar to your skin and scalp, your nails need to replenish. Try to rub them in your nails and cuticle when you use hand lotion. The market is full of nail creams that you can choose to show your nails some love.

If you wash your hands frequently or use a sanitiser or soap, moisturise after every wash. Brittle and dry nails result from a lack of moisturisation and care.

  • Practice Good Nail Hygiene

If you have long nails, you should be particular about hygiene since long nails can have bacteria and dirt underneath. If you do not dry your hands properly after washing, the moisture can form bacteria. Avoid growing your nails too long.

Always sanitise the tools and products used to trim or file your nails. 

  • Always Use a Base and Top Coat

Nail paints contain chemicals and colours that can harm and discolour your nails. It doesn’t matter whether you wear nail paints frequently or occasionally.

Try to wear a layer of base coat before applying nail paint. Seal the paint with a top layer. This can protect your nails from chemicals. Most women avoid this simple practice, resulting in dry, brittle nails after removing the paint.

Also, use reputed nail paints and get your nail supplies online from reputed stores.

  • Be Gentle

Try to treat your nails like you treat your skin or hair. Do not bite or use any sharp item to trim your nails. Many people use their nails to scrape off colours, open cans, find other utilisations for long nails, and then complain about split nails.

Wear protective gloves whenever the need arises.

Patience is the key to long shiny nails. Many women make the mistake of practising nail care and giving up halfway, seeing no results. You cannot get healthy nails overnight. Practice these habits, and you will soon be rewarded.


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