4 Ways to Keep up to Date With Gaming News, Trends, and Leaks

Did you know that the first game console was not a Nintendo, or even an Atari, but a Magnavox Oddysey? With its strange paddle-shaped controller, gaming has come a long way since its inception. But just how do you stay ahead of the news in such a fast-paced industry?

Luckily, there are many ways to do this. Read on as we tell you the best ways to find gaming news. 

Social Media

The greatest place to keep abreast of gaming trends is on social media. Depending upon the platform, you can get a great mix of news, reviews, and rumors at different stages of development. 

Twitter is a great platform for getting immediate announcements from developers and larger companies. You can also follow their employees and departments, to see what they are currently working on. Facebook is useful for group discussions with other fans, divided by niches and distinct titles or franchises. 

Use Forums

Some of the best gaming news and rumors come from forums such as Reddit and 4chan. Here, you can find content posted from a mix of users, including traditional news outlets and people’s opinions. As it is anonymous, you can find that many video game industry insiders post quite regularly, giving out video game leaks. 

Yes, some of the leaks are fake and some of the articles are clickbait. However, part of this is the fun and you do get some very truthful news way in advance. 

Sign up for a Gaming Service

There are a number of online gaming services that each operate in different ways. Big names from the gaming industry, such as Playstation Store and Steam, let you download games straight to your console. Others such as Gamemine allow you to stream games as you play. 

One thing they all have in common is how eager they are to advertise new titles. They often have lots of previews, footage and even offer pre-order discounts. If you are lucky, they even have flash sales where you can get some great discounted titles. 

Follow Websites for Gaming News

Finally, there are a huge number of websites online, all fighting for the next big gaming scoop. Some are very general, covering all bases, while some concentrate on certain consoles and even gaming franchises. You may even find that some cross over into others areas of popular culture, sa gaming such as movies and comics. 

Attend Events

One of the most interactive ways to keep on the gaming industry pulse is to visit events and conferences. From eSports leagues to conventions, there is always something planned. You can often even speak to important people in the industry through panels and meet and greets, allowing you to ask them questions outright. 

Play More Games

Finally, one of the best ways to get gaming news is to play more games. They often contain endings that point to sequels and are littered with easter eggs. If you play online, you can even build a network of gaming fans to discuss the news with. 

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