There is nothing more frustrating than spending one whole hour deciding on what to wear and still ending up having the wrong attire. Just imagine ending up at an interview wearing casual oversized hoodies and going to a wedding wearing t-shirts and jeans. Messed up, right? You might just feel like running away at that moment if you do not want to get insulted.


Knowing what to wear according to the occasion is extremely important. People’s dressing sense also says a lot about how or who they are as a person. So it is necessary to know what to wear. For example, Wearing men’s pocket squares with suits while dressing for any formal event shows that you have class. Or maybe wear casual jeans, a top and shoes or heels for any casual outing or dates. So here’s a guide which makes dressing according to the occasion easy peasy for you.


  • A cocktail party


A cocktail party requires semi-formal attire. If you are attending an evening party, the colour black just has a whole evening vibe, so you could wear something black.


Women’s attire could include any frilly knee-length dress. You could wear a dress that is a bit higher than the knee but be comfortable with what you wear and also know the difference between being sexy and being vulgar. You can also pair them with a few enamel pins or statement earrings. Such accessorizing would add a bit of glamour to your look. This will ensure that your look is unique and stands out from the crowd. On the other hand, men could accommodate a suit, tie and coat, and some formal shoes in their attire.



  • An interview


You have to dress well for one of the most important days of your life! The first impression is the last impression; hence your clothing does make a decision too if you remain or leave. A suit would be the best attire for both men and women. It would be best to look polished to show that you have discipline and are committed to the work. Women should not accessorise too much with jangly jewellery and try to dress subtly. A watch is a must as it shows your value for time. They will notice every detail of your attire so dress smart.


  • First dates


A first date is one where you must leave a good impression. Do not overdress. Be yourself, dress casually. Do not try too hard to dress well as it does not go unnoticed. This is applicable for both guys and girls.

Men could wear jeans and shirts with accessories that sum up or show their personality. Women should not look too ragged or laid-backed. Even though they do not need to do much to impress guys, a pair of skinny jeans, shirts or tops look casual but trendy. They could also wear any dress, not the party ones but casual floral ones with a pair of wedges.


  • Religious Events


Everyone knows how conservative religious events tend to be. So choosing an outfit that is appropriate religiously and also doesn’t offend anyone is very important. Women could probably wear a skirt that is a bit longer than knee-length or any dress which does not reveal the shoulder or back. Men, on the other hand, can wear any formal clothing, a suit would be recommended the most.


  • Weddings


The most exciting and most attended occasion is a wedding. Everyone loves to get ready with the best clothes and jewellery or accessories they have. Women should stay away from white clothes and instead put on the best gowns they have- preferably floor-length. And the accessories could be decided according to the dress and the event’s mood. Men should wear a tuxedo. A dark suit matching men’s pocket squares never brings you any trouble in formal events like weddings. Along with this, hopping onto some dark party shoes definitely works. Colours could be chosen according to the season and time.


With these, some of the major occasions are covered, and you can attend the occasions without having to embarrass yourself because of what you wear.




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