5 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating a Farmhouse-Style Kitchen

Humans have a natural ability to put creativity into their kitchen. Who wouldn’t want to cook in a kitchen with the personal touch of its owner, right? 

One particular style most households want to achieve in their respective kitchens is a farmhouse-style kitchen. Although throughout the planning phase, people would either lack the idea on how to achieve that style or think so many things to put onto it that often leads to style mismatch. Today, we will lay down five don’ts when wanting to achieve a farmhouse-style kitchen.  skirting boards


  1. Do not just focus on your cabinets. You just don’t decorate your kitchen the farmhouse style just for the sake of making it look like a farmhouse kitchen. It is important to note that wooden tables, robust shelves, and worktops are as essential as cabinets. Make sure that it’s still functional where hearty meals are being prepared and served. 


  1. Throwing out seemingly old and worn-out pieces of stuff. A farmhouse-style kitchen is all about incorporating vintage vibes in a modern era. So throwing your vintage pieces is a huge mistake as there are the very things that make you achieve your farmhouse-style kitchen. The more vintage it is, the more your kitchen would exude a farmhouse style. 


  1. Overdecorating. Yes, it is understandable that the reason you’d like to have a farmhouse style is that you want to feel the vibe that is warm and cozy. But you’d also want to not take it to the extreme or to a point where it would make your kitchen a theme party rather than a kitchen. The function should always prevail over decoration. Remember, the kitchen should be a place where you will cook meals from the labor of love, and you can’t achieve that when it’s filled with too many decorations. 


  1. Disregarding the importance of the sink. The sink is one of the key features of the kitchen.  When creating a farmhouse kitchen, you should always opt for farmhouse sinks to complete the whole look. This type of sink has a lot of varieties, colors, and materials. You can find more details here about farmhouse sinks, including recommendations and buying guides.


  1. Thinking that woods are only suites for floors and ceilings. If you think wood is not an essential element to farmhouse style, think again because it’s actually the opposite. Try to visualize wood on your countertops, including the surrounding furniture of your home. Doesn’t it look textured and earthy?

    That’s because the key to achieving this style is to incorporate earth elements into your homes. The good thing is, there are plenty of woodcrafts you can even DIY and easily search for ideas on the internet. 


Final Words

Decorating is very exciting and fun, but even in this endeavor, there are things you should avoid. Because overdoing it could be more likely, right? Sometimes, our ideas become overwhelming, and sometimes, it defeats the true purpose. If knowing the must to-dos are good, so is knowing the don’ts. Striking balance is always key.

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