5 Reasons for No Confirmation of PNR Status in Busy Trains

Train journeys are exciting in themselves if you have not planned them at the last moment. However, it can be a nuisance if you do not get a confirmed PNR status or get trapped on the waiting list. It usually happens with busy trains, which are always in demand. Hence, while planning a journey by train, it is always best to book tickets in advance to avoid the issue of pending PNR confirmation. You can have a trouble-free voyage on Indian trains by verifying the PNR of your tickets, looking up train schedules, etc. on the RailMitra platform.

5 Reasons for Non-Confirmation of Train PNR

  • Booking Tickets at the Last Moment

If you have grabbed a train ticket at the last moment and it falls under the waiting list, you can be denied PNR confirmation. This usually occurs if you have not planned your journey in advance. PNR status can also go on pending if the train you booked your ticket for comes under the category of busy trains, which are more in demand. It is a bit tricky to get a confirmed reservation on these trains.

In such a scenario, waiting patiently is all you can do. If someone cancels a ticket before you book yours then you might have a chance.

The government has lightened the burden of being on the waiting list by introducing a new scheme called Vikalp Yojana. It provides the passenger with an alternative to travel on another train on the same route with the same ticket. The good thing is that it does not cause any additional charge for this service.

  • Not Checking Waitlist Limitation Before Ticket Booking

IRCTC defines a limit for the booking of wait-listed tickets. If you book a ticket from the wait-listed category after the quota is full, you will not get a confirmed ticket. Moreover, your money will be deducted. 

However, you may receive a refund in the same account within 7 working days. So, it is best to go through the limit of wait-listed tickets first and book as per availability.


  • Facing Server Issues During Ticket Reservations

A bad internet connection is another barrier to getting the status of your PNR confirmed. If you are booking your ticket at a place where the network connection is weak because  weather conditions are bad. It may cause your ticket to go in pending. Sometimes, there are server issues with the IRCTC website due to huge traffic. It can also get in the way of your PNR getting confirmed.

Bad servers can also lead to failed payments. Payment can also go wrong if details of UPI, credit card, debit card, or mobile banking are not provided carefully. 


  • Non-availability of Desired Seats While Booking Tickets

While planning a train journey, everyone aspires to get their desired seats. It may be the window seat or the upper berth. If your desired seat is not available, you may get a confirmation for the ticket but not for your desired berth. All you can do now is wait patiently. If any of the prior bookers cancel their tickets, you can be the lucky one to get a confirmed ticket.

  • Encountering Seasonal Rush at the Time of Reservation

Every year there comes a period of the seasonal rush when it becomes difficult to get confirmed train tickets. It usually happens during festive seasons like Deepawali, Dussehra, or Holi. The Covid-19 pandemic period also experienced busy train routes. In such situations, it becomes difficult to get a confirmed ticket, especially for trains that are in high demand. 

If you have not pre-booked your ticket and tried booking it at the last moment, your ticket may not get confirmed.

You can also book a Tatkal ticket, whose window opens only for a short period. If you are ready with the required details and luck accompanies you, you can also get a ticket booked from the Tatkal window.

What happens If Your PNR is Not Confirmed

If you have booked a train ticket but did not get a PNR with a confirmed status for some reason, your ticket will get cancelled automatically. Your money will be refunded to the bank account you used to book the ticket within 7 working days.

 If your money is not refunded within 7 days then you may need to contact the customer care helpline number of IRCTC.

How to Check Your PNR Status

The Internet has simplified train rides, from booking a ticket to checking the PNR status. To do so, you must have a ticket or e-ticket or text message of the ticket on your phone. Visit the RailMitra website on your browser. Jump to the PNR inquiry section, enter your 10-digit PNR number and click the proceed button. Here a page will open, showing your PNR details. 

So, here comes a wise man’s advice;  to book your train ticket in advance, get a confirmed PNR status and make your journey more comfortable. You can also try booking a ticket on a less busy train for quick confirmation. 

You can check the live train running status, glance at train timetables from the RailMitra portal. It is free and available on the Play Store. In addition, you can consider the food delivery on train service from RailRestro, which is one of the most renowned e-catering apps.

Wish you a happy and safe journey!

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