7 Reasons to Include Hair Vitamins in Your Diet

7 Reasons to Include Hair Vitamins in Your Diet


The worldwide awareness about physical and mental well-being is the reason why so many of you today have gym memberships, dieticians, therapy sessions, etc., all just one call away. But have you ever wondered about your hair health? Just like the beauty and skincare industry focus on developing products to target specific skin concerns, some salons offer services to help keep your hair healthy. But do you know what provides a permanent solution for all hair problems? It’s Vitamins.


The way you invest your time and energy in cooking the perfect meal according to your body requirements, you must also provide hair with essential hair vitamins to keep them healthy and shiny. So, what are hair vitamins?

Choose the right hair vitamins according to your requirements and give your hair the love it deserves.


Importance of Hair Vitamins

Everyone at one point in their life is required to take vitamin capsules to aid the body to perform better. Similarly, hair vitamins also serve as potential solutions to many hair problems, especially hair loss. The basic function of the hair vitamins is to normalise cell growth and fulfil the hair nutritional deficiencies, if any. Some of the key reasons as to why you should include essential hair vitamins in your diet are as follows-


  1. Provides Antioxidants

Vitamin C is an important antioxidant that helps the body produce collagen, which is required to promote hair growth and fight bacteria to improve overall hair health. Additionally, it also protects the hair from stress caused by oxidation.


  1. Improves Greying Of Hair

Essential vitamins like vitamin D and B12 are not frequently consumed with the regular food diets that people have nowadays. However, both these essential vitamins deficiency are responsible for the greying of the hair as regular consumption can significantly slow down its process. Even though greying of hair comes with age, recently, it has been observed that young adults are also facing the same hair concern, and so, adding hair vitamins to their diet might do the trick.


  1. Nourishes The Hair From Within

Vitamin E is an essential nutrient as it encourages the hair to grow better and healthier at the beginning itself while protecting it from sun damage. This protection layer allows the scalp to retain the naturally produced oils in the scalp necessary to keep the hair healthy and shiny throughout. Additionally, it also aids better solubility of fat in the body.


  1. Regularises Iron Levels

Regularising iron level is a special benefit for younger generations as increased iron levels in the body directly affect the hair growth speed and quality during the anagen phase. With the abundance of food choices available to order from, convince the children in the family to eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals. However, with the help of hair vitamins, you can give the children all the required vitamins to fight hair greying.


  1. Promotes Healthy Hair Follicles

Just as different vitamins work differently on your body, similarly hair vitamins have different functions. One of these critical functions is to prevent hair loss and promote healthier hair growth. This can be done only when the hair follicles are healthy and well-fed. Some vitamins provide the hair with biotin and zinc, which are necessary ingredients for proper hair growth. Moreover, biotin also enhances the rate of follicle growth to promote healthy hair and scalp altogether.


  1. Encourages Sebum Production

Sebum is a waxy substance that substitutes for natural oils produced by the body and hair. The primary purpose of sebum production is to hydrate and moisturise the scalp from within. It also protects the scalp from external damage like UV rays and dirt particles to keep the scalp clean for longer. In addition, specific hair vitamins allow regularised production of this vital oil substance in the scalp to keep the hair healthy.


  1. Helps Produce Keratin

One of the most important benefits of consuming hair vitamins daily is that it provides your body and hair with the essential element called keratin. Keratin is a hair protein that strengthens the hair from within and reduces breakage by approximately 40%. Additionally, it also successfully manages hair frizz, a very common complaint from many women in the country.


The most important thing to remember is that including hair vitamins in your diet not only benefits your hair and scalp health alone but it also has added benefits to your body. Just as the hair needs essential vitamins to remain healthy, the body also has some nutritional requirements which can be fulfilled by consuming these hair vitamins. So do not wait any longer and make the purchase today. You need to provide your hair with the essential hair vitamins to enjoy happy hair in the future.

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