7 Reasons why Spas & Salons Need Appointment Scheduling System

Spa and salon owners, today, often find themselves in a catch 22 situation. At one end, they have to deal with the ever increasing competition within the industry, on the other end constantly endeavor to meet and exceed client expectations. Trying to navigate this journey necessitates that they make their businesses stand out in comparison to their competitors. One significant way this is being achieved is by leveraging technology to drive the administrative processes efficiently, whilst keeping a watch on revenue and profits. The technology, also known as salon appointment booking software offers immense benefits such as streamlining of daily operations, improving efficiency, engaging clients, andboosting revenue. In this post, let us walk you through the 7 top reasons why salons and spas are option for a salon scheduling software.

Anytime Appointments

The primary reason for switching to a salon scheduling software is enable your business to meet client expectations 24x7x365. The software saves both the client and the business a lot of time. By offering guests multi-channel booking options such as through webpages, social media, apps or via chatbots the system makes it easy for them to make bookings at their pace and convenience. The Zenoti spa and salon management software, for example, allows clients to make new service booking in just a few clicks, and repeat bookings for past service booking in just two taps. It is designed to handle booking through multiple modes, and easily ensures no bookings are overlapping in nature. Moreover, in the eventuality of the preferred booking not being available, the system instantly offers alternative slots, or the choice to be waitlisted. By constantly tracking the appointments schedule, the system sends automated reminders to both client and the providers. Additionally, should the client need to reschedule an appointment they can do so in just one click.

Organized Calendar

With bookings coming in from multiple channels, it is imperative that these are scheduled into the calendar. The spa and salon scheduling software creates this calendar in no-time. As soon as the booking is confirmed, the software makes it available for viewing by both the manager and the staff. It populates the booking on the daily calendar of both the store and the individual staff. As a result, you and your team get real time updates on the bookings, the remaining slot availability, cancellations if any. The real time update feature helps you in preparing shift wise resource deployment and help the staff to better plan their day.

Enhanced Client Experience

Every client loves a good and seamless experience. A spa and salon software is just that interface. By maintaining a unique client profile, the software keeps a comprehensive record of all client activity. Infact, Zenoti spa and salon scheduling software comes with a feature known as Zenoti webstore, which allows your business to have seamless integration with e-commerce portals such as Shopify and offer guest the possibility of conducting all transactions with a single sign on experience. Booking appointments, purchasing products and gift cards, settling invoices, reviewing membership rewards, clients can do it all through Zenoti Webstore and get a friction free experience.

Easy Payments

A spa and salon scheduling software can help you vastly improve your payment process, and also improve your cash flow. With allowing you incorporate a host of payment types and payment options, it can ensure that not only do you get paid well in advance but also you experience minimal no show bookings. Aside from cash and card, the salon booking software is equipped to handle payment through multiple gateways such as mobile wallets, Google Pay, Apple Pay. As a result, you can offer guests to settle invoices in their preferred mode of payment, thus expediting the process. Moreover, the feature which allows you incorporate advance payments requires the guest to make either full or part payment for confirmation of booking. This results in improved cash flow for your business.

Inventory Management

Often the most time consuming and trickiest administrativeprocess is inventory management. Spa and salon owners often struggle to find the balance between keeping less stock, which may result in expressing regret to guests, and loss of potential revenue versus stocking too much, which results in blocking working capital. However, with the salon appointment booking system, spa and salon managers can overcome this conundrum. The software not only tracks the inventory, and prompts you to replenish stocks at the right time but also helps you differentiate between what is selling and what isn’t selling. As a result you maintain your inventory at optimum levels, at all times.

Feedback System

Spas and salons, at all times, need to have their ears on the ground. With clients today, engaging in research prior to making any purchase decision, it is important that your business consistently gathers good reviews. A spa and salon scheduling software can help you in moderating the reviews. Multiple studies have shown that the issues snowball when the grievances aren’t addressed correctly and timely. While the satisfied clients are bound to leave you with good reviews, it is the unhappy client reviews that will need moderation. The salon booking software works in dual ways. First by offering guests a portal to record their grievances, if any it saves you from scathing reviews on other platforms. Second by easily tracking such reviews, across multiple platforms, it promptsyou to respond and avoid further escalation of the issue and loss of reputation.

Reporting and Analytics

The key to running a successful business is organization of business data in such a way that you can comprehend it to ascertain actionable outcomes. A salon booking software, by the virtue of recording each and every transaction, works as a central repository for all your business data and can furnish reports to measure all business metrics. Tracking sales, profitability, computing equipment utilization, monitoring inventory, employee performance towards cross-selling and client retention, the software can help you gather detailed insights and help you in comprehending such that you can take data driven decisions.

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