A guide about react native security


In 2013, when the idea of a hackathon did emerge it did go on to take the form of an open source platform. Ever since 2015, it has gone on to become one of the popular frameworks for an app development.  The react native security module is modelled itself on JavaScript. It is incorporated for both the IOS and the Android operating systems.

More about react native security

Just like other form of Java centric frameworks it does possess numerous security threats. In fact an in- depth analysis would be necessary if you take the various frameworks into consideration along with the connection that is bound to exist between them. As the source code of an application code is send to the client the JS applications would be vulnerable. There is a possibility of sensitive data to be breached or modified. The various types of security issues that is bound to emerge are

Cross site scripting

It also goes by the name of XSS attack and once the attacker would be tricking the website for running random JS code in the browser of the user. A couple of types of XSS attacks tends to emerge. It might be in the form of reflected XSS attack or the stored form of XSS attack. In case of the latter the attacker goes on to access the server access and if you run any code on the server it is going to generate information on the webpage of the client.

Securing of React Native pertaining to DDOS attacks

DDOS turns out to be a malicious type of attack where the unauthorized users would go on to make application servers that makes it inaccessible to an actual user. Such a situation is bound to occur when you are not able to mask the IPs properly as the application might not be secure. Such form of attacks is going to be a problem when it comes to communication between the server and the client. Hence it might lead to an online disruption when it comes to the performance of the app.  A point to consider is that it might go on to flood the react project with a dose of malicious traffic and it is not going to cause any disruption of the existing form of service.


Code obfuscation

It appears to be one of the popular and sensitive ways to store data. It makes use of a legal code as for the human eye it might turn out to unreadable. The moment the Java code on the react native emerges in the form of a DEX file that until obfuscated seems to be readable. In addition there seems to be an inbuilt library for the process of obfuscation where users are allowed to implement it for JavaScript and other features of React Native.

To sum it up react Native is one of the popular frameworks when it comes to app building. The cost and ease of use the remarkable features of this platform.


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