A Guide by Ipanema on Choosing the Correct Fit of Women’s Thongs

Since the inception of time, essentially all social domains have worn thong sandals, making them one of the earliest types of footwear. Moreover, very few people know how to select thongs that match them effectively. As the foot remains completely covered and it is easy to find out even if the footwear fits properly, correct fitting may not be an issue for maximum footwear types. On the contrary, Ipanema thongs are somewhat different as the correct fit is significant to stop sores on your foot and to ensure maximum ease.
We have shared a guide on how women’s sandals or thongs must fit and what to think about before you purchase a pair to get the best fit for your foot. So, ensure reading all the information for more perceptive knowledge.

What Kind of Thongs Sandals Should Women Go with?

1. Comfort fit

When you walk or move, the sandal should not move down, and the straps should not rub your ankles or feet.

2. Without heels

You have a risk of falling down or hurting yourself when walking if the sole or heel of your sandals come out.

3. Ankles should not jam into straps

Your thongs straps may irritate you if they are very tight, which can finally create discomfort and pain. This is an important factor that you should deliberately think about the comfort level a sandal provides before buying one for yourself.

Features to consider while looking for the best thongs

As it is already discussed, sandals are age-old footwear options and have been worn for several years by women of all classes, involving royalty and peasants. Various people still require learning how to select sandals that will match them well. This is less of an issue with most sandals as the complete foot is covered, and the fit can be simply identified. Nevertheless, sandals are quite different, as your feet’s comfort level and health rely on how well they go with you.

Even though you may not know it, footwear comes in a big range of styles, measurements, and colors. It also has different styles, from formal to informal. Some are made particularly for use at the beach, lake, or swimming pools, whereas others can be better for hiking activities. Whatever their intention of use, they should be well-fitted to protect your feet.



A primary feature you have to consider is shoe support. Several women’s foot pain is mainly caused by improper heel support. Your feet arch assists you in maintaining good balance and enhances the effectiveness of your walk. Some sandals will eventually adapt to the shape of your foot, like Ipanema thongs, whereas others have inherent arch supports.

Consider sandals with larger soles than your feet

#As it may look distinct, buying a sandal that will let your toes thrust over the front or off the sides is also a possibility, which is not bad for your feet. The sandal’s sole must be bigger than your foot. You require a sandal with enough space, the same as the quality Ipanema thong provides, thus, your foot can fit perfectly in them.

#You must select footwear that is both supportive and comfortable for your foot.

#The wide sole of the thong you choose must protect your feet from all you may step on whereas also insulating the effect of your steps.

Straps or belts must be firm

Whatever footwear you choose, ensure the straps keep them tightly in position on your feet. Rather than flexible sandals, consider ones with movable straps, as the latter will require to be changed if you wish to wear them for an increased period of time.
The feet generally inflate and swell all through the day, so when buying Ipanema thongs sandals, remember that you may have to buy a size that is somewhat bigger than your feet.

How to choose thong sandals for wide feet?

There are some footwear designs you may need to consider if you search for women’s sandals with wide feet:

#Sandals with belts or straps at the ankle and rear end.

#Footwear with a toenail.

It is best to buy oversized Ipanema thongs sandals if you have wide feet, as you get enough space for your feet and stop any toe and heel sticking out.

How to choose sandals for narrow feet?

The best Ipanema thong sandals to buy if you have a narrow foot are ones with flexible straps. This can be adapted to keep your sole safer for increased confidence, and it will help in keeping your feet in place while you walk.

Tips to enhance your thongs sandals comfort

Follow some of these tips if you wish to create your new set of sandals to feel and fit better:

  1. Apply soap if your sandals are made of leather to soothe them.
  2. If you are going to walk in new sandals, use patches to stop swelling.
  3. To reduce sweat, you can apply antiperspirant on your feet.
  4. To expand tight sandals, you can use plush socks. After slipping on your stockings and sandals, outline your feet by warming them with a hairdryer.
  5. Keep the insole in the ball of the foot to add extra traction if your sandals are very large. 
  6. One more effective strategy to stop your feet from coming out of your sandals is to utilize heel support.

So, all of these tips can help your sandals fit your feet perfectly.


You know it now! All the information you need to buy comfortable sandals like Ipanema thongs. In addition, it is good to avoid buying sandals that are very small as they can be very uncomfortable for your feet. The most important factor is that your sandals must easily suit your feet.
Ordering different sizes and wearing them is the best thing when you are still not sure of which size to select. It will be effective to wear them later in the day once your feet have inflated. When you get the perfect size, you can return the other sandals and keep the one that fits you properly.


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