A Quick Checklist For Your Onsite SEO

When you are starting an SEO campaign for your website, it is vital to ensure you use a checklist to address all potential issues. There are lots of factors to consider when assessing the SEO of your site and fixing any problems you find can make your website rank better and see an increase in traffic. Below are some of the things you will want to include on your checklist to get your digital marketing campaign off on the right foot.


Google Search Console & Analytics


Google Search Console and Google Analytics are powerful tools that you can use for your website, and there is no cost involved. Google Analytics will show you where the traffic is coming from and which pages are performing best, while Google Search Console can give you lots of information about errors on your site. As such, you will want to ensure you have both. The best SEO company Brisbane or any other city has can also assist you with this task.


Keyword Research


Ensuring you do plenty of keyword research can help you strengthen the onsite of your website and help with your content strategy. Whether you do this yourself or use the services of a specialist, you will want to do the job thoroughly and ensure each page of your site has a different primary keyword it focuses on and avoid competing pages. 


Page Titles


Each page title needs to be unique, and you will want to use your primary keyword naturally in it. The page title helps to tell the search engines what your site is about, and it is a vital ranking factor to get correct.


Meta Descriptions


Meta descriptions are no longer a ranking factor, but they can help with your click-through rate. You will want your descriptions to be informative and entice users to click on your website when they see the meta description displayed in the search results.




The headers you have on your page are also vital to help tell the search engines what your website is all about. You will want to include your primary keyword in the H1 header and use other headers in your content to include different keywords relevant to the page.


Include Engaging Content


You will also want to ensure that you have plenty of unique and engaging content on the page you are optimizing and resonate with the user. You can have a look at The Doe site for high-quality engaging articles. A content strategy agency can help you with this. You need content on your website to include keywords, but it also needs to read naturally and be relevant to the user, rather than a few paragraphs with a couple of keywords chucked into it.


Optimize Images



You will also want to optimise the images you use on your website and ensure they are not too big and load correctly on all platforms. Make sure to include image alt text and an image alt description, which you can use to enforce the keywords you focus on for each page.


These are just a few of the factors you will need to look at for your onsite checklist, but there are more besides. You can get more detailed information and a checklist through various references online that will help you get started and get your website ranking where you want it to rank.

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