Advantages of professional TV wall mounting

Wall mounted televisions are the easiest way of making a space look classic, clean and bright. It saves space and gives a better angle to watch the television all the while giving your room an easy focal point. Wall mounting also allows the technology to blend in with the interior design and the décor. It gives the place a more comfortable feel as you don’t have to deal with the hassle of constantly having to clean the shelving unit. Moreover, they are perfect for some lazy nights in, watching the tele. Click here to learn more.

Now mounting a television, yourself might seem easy and fast, but in reality, it’s very difficult. With the fear of dropping your new tele the highest, it is advised not to try wall mounting yourself if you have never done it before or are new to using tools

Luckily, it is easy to get a professional TV wall mounting that will make sure everything is in its place. However, If you are unsure if you should wall mount your TV yourself or not, here is a list of reasons why you should leave the job to professionals.

Crooked wall placements can be avoided

With professional TV wall mounting, you can avoid crooked wall placements that can not be changed. Wall mounting a television takes a professional understanding of the location of studs, placement of mounts and the way to mount it. Reading instructions and watching a few videos will not exactly be helpful if you are mounting a big TV. Professionals ensure that the TV is mounted properly, is even and does not strain the eyes. 

The correct height

Having the television placed at the correct height and distance is extremely essential when it comes to wall mounting as it is difficult to change the angles afterwards. A professional view on how high the TV should be placed is extremely important as you can get back and neck pains from watching TV at the wrong height. 

The distance of your couch from the television also affects the height of the TV. And while you can do it yourself and try to guess the correct height, a wrong wall mounting can be extremely difficult to change afterwards. 

You won’t risk breaking the TV

DIY wall mounting can go wrong in many ways- one of the worst but most common ways is the TV breaking. Especially if you have a big TV. Investing in television is not cheap at all and a DIY wall mounting when you haven’t done it before can not end very well a lot of the time. 

However, with professional TV wall mounting, you save yourself the stress of dropping your TV and breaking your wall. You won’t have to worry about your technology shattering in the middle of the night because you drilled the wrong stud!

Damage to the walls

Using tools is not easy, especially when you have just started. If you are not used to using tools, a DIY wall mounting can go extremely bad. Wall mounting requires the use of special tools like a power drill, socket wrench, stud finder and a padded blanket. It is not worth buying these products and running the risk of damaging your walls if you have never used these tools before, or are unsure if you will be able to do it properly. 

Relying on the internet for instruction can be a little risky as every website has different tips and instructions. Moreover, if you do not know the type of wall you have or how to recognize dry walls, you run the risk of breaking them down along with breaking the TV. 

Installing is a professional service

At the end of the day, installing is something that requires skills and precision. It’s not meant to be done by one person and requires a team of trained personnel who know the techniques of getting the perfect wall mounted television. It’s better to let the professionals handle the work than risk doing more harm than good, especially if your TV is big or you don’t have help from other people to lift it up. 

Moreover, with professionals, you can discuss and understand what placements suits you best depending on the way you want to watch TV. Professional wall mounting services provide you with a customized position that suits you the best. 

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At the end of the day, you need to remember that your TV is pretty expensive and wall mounting it with no previous experience is not worth the risk of breaking it 


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