All You Need to Know About Online Casino Tournaments

Tournaments are a common feature you may find on gambling websites. They are designed to encourage more players to wager finds on the site, while the best players can get decent rewards. Today, we will elaborate on the key aspects of online casinochampionships for you to be well-prepared to participate.

Prize Pools

The first feature you typically notice when visiting the Tournaments page of your online casino is the prize pool of every specific competition. In most cases, the website states the total prize pool, which is then distributed among the leading players. At most casinos, you will need to visit the page of every specific tournament to see how the prizes are allocated throughout the leaderboard.

Most commonly, there are two types of prizes you may receive in tournaments: free spins and cash prizes. With free spins, the casino usually specifies both the number of spins and the games they are assigned to. Cash prizes are a bit easier, as they are simply sent out to your account balance.

Competition Period

Each tournament has a specific time frame during which you can earn points and progress through the leaderboard. This parameter is also stated on the main page of most casinos, so you will always know how much time you have. Logically, tournaments with longer competition periods have better rewards, while short championships commonly have smaller prizes.

On some gambling websites, there are many tournaments running simultaneously. For example, there could be a daily competition with small packages of free spins as rewards and a monthly cup with huge cash prizes.

Earning Points

To get a place on the leaderboard, you will need to earn points. At almost every online casino, you will need to place real money wagers to do so. In most cases, the points are awarded for wagering specific sums. The more funds you wager, the higher will be your chances to end up on the board.

It is worth mentioning that you do not even have to win a lot of cash to reach a winning place. The key is to wager as much funds as you can, meaning you can place many small bets and end up with the same balance on your account but still progress through the competition.

Accepted Games

Most competitions limit the assortment of games, in which you can earn tournament points. Usually, each tournament has a specific theme. For example, there might be a Slot of the Week tournament, where you can only earn points by placing bets in one specific game.

In some cases, the ranges of accepted games are wider. For instance, there could be a live dealer championship, which supports all games the online casino has in its live lobby. The list of accepted games is always stated on the tournament’s page, so make sure to check it out before placing any wagers.

Eligible Bets

The last rule all tournaments have relates to limiting the minimum bet you can make to earn points. Even though it decreases the opportunities for low-budget players to wager a lot of small bets, the limit is usually not so strict.

However, it is almost always higher than the minimum bet accepted in slots, so make sure to acknowledge this limit before wagering. Some players overlook this rule and end up not earning points at all.


As soon as the tournament ends, you will be able to check out the leaderboard and see whether you’re eligible for getting a prize. Most casinos send out the prizes automatically, so you won’t need to claim anything or perform any other actions. However, the casinos usually require some time to send out the prizes, so don’t panic in case you are not receiving the prize immediately.

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