Alternative Ways to Celebrate Special Moments

We love to celebrate life’s special moments. From birthdays to weddings, showers, and graduations, the opportunities to celebrate are endless. These can range from outrageous to inexpensive. We know all the tried, true, and traditional tools of celebrating, but what about some of the newer, trending alternative ways to have fun? Whatever the budget, there are options for every occasion.

Reasons To Celebrate

Weddings. Who doesn’t love a beautiful love story? Weddings are always delightful reminders of the power of love as two people promise to spend the rest of their lives together. Celebrations range from intimate to extravagant. Wedding guests can participate in the couple’s joy in several ways, such as walking out of the reception or during a toast to the happy couple. And these sparklers for a wedding exit are a beautiful touch to ending the day’s festivities. Sparklers offer smokeless opportunities to light up the room as the newlyweds embark on their journey together. They are safe to use and make a dramatic statement.

Baby’s first birthday. Celebrating the first birthday is a big deal, at least for the parents and family. While the baby may never recall the moment beyond photos, it is often the first time a child is introduced to cake (read: sugar!). Only some parents are comfortable with this tradition and have found alternatives that make for excellent photo opportunities, joy, and a little less guilt. An alternative to the cake smash is doing a fruit smash. This is a fun way to introduce a toddler to watermelon or strawberries’ delicious, sweet flavors. An ice cream smash also makes for a fun alternative, given abundant sugar-free options.

Gender reveal parties. Anyone who has spent time on social media is quick to admit they’ve seen a few gender-reveal posts. It’s an exciting, emotional time for new parents, their families, and friends. Couples who love their sports are finding unique ways to reveal the gender of their impending arrival. While cricket may not be high on our list of sports we understand, soccer is. Soccer enthusiasts will feel the rush of excitement in the soccer ball gender reveal. Kicking a goal or passing the ball around until it’s kicked hard enough to explode into shades of blue or pink is a thrill for all sorts of ball enthusiasts.

Bridal showers. While most brides look forward to being showered with special gifts before the actual nuptials, there are alternatives to the more traditional bridal parties. Many bridal showers are switching to a more interactive approach. Visiting an art studio and taking a lesson, learning cake decorating (with the added goodie to take home), wine and cheese tasting, and even doing a yoga, barre, or pilates class together before more casually enjoying an afternoon coffee and sweet treat are options finding their way into alternative celebrations.

Graduations. There is no shortage of graduation-themed events. Kids graduating from preschool, Kindergarten, and high school are cause for celebration. And graduations from vocational schools and other institutions of higher learning are also taking place throughout the year. Graduations are no longer just reserved for late spring. And, let’s face it, not everyone loves the attention. An excellent alternative is gifting a trip to an amusement park with family or friends or a day trip to the spa to relish their accomplishments without all the hoopla. Personal gifts to show appreciation are sometimes overlooked in the name of the grand party.

Special Moments Remembered

We love to celebrate in our culture. It’s natural for us to want to share with the world what we are doing. Social media makes it virtually impossible for us to avoid this. Those celebrating might appreciate the alternative or added approach away from the traditional ways of celebrating. It’s fun to be different in these moments, whether watching a kicked soccer ball explode pink or waving heart sparklers in celebration of the bride and groom. The main thing is finding meaning in those moments and enjoying them for the special memories they create.


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