ARC Systems, Inc. Is A Leader In Induction Motor Manufacturing

At ARC Systems, Inc, we’re proud to manufacture a full range of top-quality electrical motor products, including induction motors. We work closely with our customers to ensure that our motors meet the exacting standards of the unique industries we serve, and we also specialize in designing custom induction motors to meet your requirements.

When you source quality induction motors from us, you can trust that you’re receiving quality because we stand behind our products with a satisfaction guarantee. Our team knows that you can’t take chances or cut corners when it comes to AC induction motors and three phase induction motors, so we take the time to craft each component using the latest in manufacturing technology. Our motors are inspected and tested using rigorous industry standards, allowing our customers to have peace of mind in knowing that they can rely on our products for many years to come.

Our History Is Rooted In Innovation

ARC Systems Inc. began serving the aerospace industry in 1967 with the vision of being a self-sufficient, fully integrated supplier of precision motor components. Since that time, our product line has grown to include products for helicopter navigation, food service industry professionals and even drag cup race cars.

Our Solutions

We firmly believe that we can achieve success together, and this philosophy is demonstrated throughout our company and through our close relationships with customers. We understand that your motor design needs are unique to you, and that’s why ARC Systems, Inc. employs a full line of stamping solutions, powder coatings, machined components and electromagnetic options to custom-design solutions that meet your needs.

Our Products

When you partner with ARC Systems, Inc, you not only receive personal attention, but you also have access to a wide variety of quality products in the electric motor space, including scanning motors, A.C. tachometers, gyro motors, magnetic coils environmental testing equipment and much more. We take pride in manufacturing a diverse line of products, and our industry partners appreciate the ability to have their needs met through a single-source supplier. With this in mind, our team also designs and manufactures gears, sprockets, gear assemblies, timing pulleys and other related motor products, so there’s a good chance we can meet the needs of your entire project right in our facility.

Our Team

The team at ARC Systems, Inc. is made up of passionate experts who have a desire to advance technology and innovation. Each member of the ARC Systems, Inc. family is a person who specializes in their field of work, but we all work closely together to integrate our talents and skills to serve our customers.

We can work with your existing drawings or alongside your engineers to create a custom solution, and our company is ISO 9001-2015 and AS9100D certified. Additionally, we can provide guidance regarding various aspects of your project to ensure that you get exactly what you need.

Looking Toward The Future

Since the beginning, ARC Systems, Inc. has had its eyes on the future. We believe that technological advancement in the fields of aerospace design and related industries is a crucial component to advancing quality of life in the present while providing opportunities for growth in the future. We’re proud to be on the front lines of the electric motor revolution because we know that advancements taking place today will go on to benefit others in so many different facets of life for years to come.

While we are known as a reliable induction motor manufacturer in the industries we serve, we’re also considered a trusted friend by our customers. To learn more about how we can advance your company and assist you in achieving your goals, contact ARC Systems, Inc. today. 

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