Bandhan Bank Net Banking – the way to Register, Activate & Login?



Bandhan Bank Ltd is Private Sector Bank which was founded on 23 August 2015; 4 years ago by Chandra Shekhar Ghosh, In today’s article, we’ll be talking about the way to Register Bandhan Bank Net Banking not only this but we’ll even be covering how you’ll activate and Login into your account.

So with none further more delays, let’s begin the article.

How To Register for Bandhan Bank Net Banking

For registering for Bandhan Bank Net Banking Online, just follow the steps given below, and following these steps, you’ll be ready to register account yourself also . So here it begins.

Step 1: Before getting started with the account creation process, you would like to go to the closest Bandhan Bank Branch and wish to request for enabling net banking facility in your account. Once this gets done, follow subsequent step.

Step 2: Now its time to finish the self-registration process online, and for doing that visit: and click on over the “Continue to Login” button then you’ll reach the page from where you’ll select “New User check in .”

Step 3: After following the above steps you’ll be asked to possess a check of all information required to make a Bandhan Bank Net Banking account, once you bought all this tick mark all options and click on over the submit button.


  • Step 4: then , two options will get appear, one is to make an account using “With open-end credit and ATM Pin” or “With Reference Number” now you’ll select anybody option, so choose anybody as per your convenience.
  • If you decide on “With open-end credit and ATM Pin” option you’ll be asked for filling information like entering 12 Digit Customer Number or CIF No., Date Of Birth, Enter 16 Digit open-end credit Number, open-end credit Expiry Date, and wish to unravel Captcha also , all information submitted should be same as stated into your checking account .With open-end credit and ATM Pin
  • If you decide on With Reference Number option, then you’ll be asked for filling information like Entering 12 Digit Customer Number or CIF No., Reference No. & Solve The Captcha also .

With Reference Number

Step 5: After filling the knowledge you would like to click over the “Continue” button and then , If you used “With open-end credit and ATM Pin” then there would be a further open-end credit PIN authentication process would be followed by, and then , there’ll be an equivalent process is followed in both options, of OTP Authentication, New User Details & Confirmation eventually .


For the OTP Authentication, you’ll be getting a code in your registered mobile number related to the knowledge you previously provided initially . you would like to enter that OTP.


Step 5: After completing OTP authentication, you’ll be able to Register for Bandhan Bank Net Banking and can be asked for filling details for Creating an account. Details you would like to fill are going to be like


User ID: Create a singular USER ID [we suggest you to feature numbers in USER ID during creation, only for security purposes] 


Login Password & Confirm Login Password: ready to |this may|this might|this could”> this is able to be your password via which you’d be able to Login into Bandhan Bank NetBanking Account.


Transaction Password & Confirma Transaction Password: This password are going to be required once you will settling online transactions from your account.


TIP: Fill all the above information carefully and do reserve it on your computer and mobile at a secure place also .


And in any case , you’ll be asked for the last confirmation, and once it gets done, hurray your account are going to be creation it’s that’s simple because it looks.


Now you’ve got finally created your Bandhan Bank Net Banking now; you would possibly be having the question in your mind like the way to Activate Bandhan Bank 


Net Banking? the way to Login Bandhan Bank 


Net Banking? the way to Use Bandhan Bank Net Banking?


For getting the answering fo the above queries, just start reading from the below headline.


How To Login in Bandhan Bank Net Banking Account?


So once you’ve got created your account, you’ll be having USER ID and Password with you, which you entered during account creation time.For Login into the Bandhan Bank Net Banking account, you would like to go over to the link:, and tap over the “Continue to Login” button.


Step 1: Enter your USED ID initially after entering the USER ID.

How To Login Bandhan Bank Net Banking?

Step 2: After entering USER ID and hitting enter, a box will appear to enter the password, and that’s all you need to do just enter your password.

Step 3: Click over the Login button.

After all, you will get Login into your Bandhan Bank Net Banking account.

So this is Information Provide by financesmarti For registering Bandhan Net Banking Account, you can the steps provided on our blog.

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