Best Intermittent Fasting Apps to Have For a Healthy Lifestyle

Best Intermittent Fasting Apps to Have For a Healthy Lifestyle

Intermittent fasting is one of the oldest ways to control your hunger and a way to live a happy and healthy life. People around the world struggle to achieve their life goals, ideal weight and many other goals that can get them the ultimate life they want. One of the ways to do so is to make sure you control your diet and delay eating for a certain number of hours and stick to some healthy habits that include getting adequate sleep, avoiding junk food, exercise the mind and body and many other things. 

In the digital age of today, there are so many apps that can help you stay healthy and stick to your healthy routine as well. Apart from that, there are social media platforms and television programs that can get you insights and updates on health-related issues and ways to stay healthy. You can view fitness and lifestyle channels on Spectrum Silver package and different sports programs that can motivate you to take up a healthy lifestyle. There are certain apps that you can have a look at if you are into intermittent fasting:  

Zero: Fasting & Health Tracker

The app is very effective for people to lose weight and improve their metabolism and get guidance using goal-based fasting plans and advanced tracking. You can get personalized insights on your health so that you can manage your weight, reduce inflammation, get an energy boost and live long and healthy. 

The app is backed by many experts and researchers so that you can reach your goals no matter which diet you follow. The app has many cool features like custom plans, a timer that can help you set goals and stay on track, personalized insights, journals and guidance from experts. 


There are so many benefits that BodyFast can get you using the app that provides the most expert advice on intermittent fasting. Apart from that, users get to use the advice by fasting experts so that they know what they are doing using the app. 

BodyFast has an easy-to-use fasting mechanism that can help beginners and experienced fasters at the same time and has a very expert way of providing users with optimal personal fasting plans throughout the week. The app has more than 10 fasting plans and a fasting tracking system that can guide you on intermittent fasting for weeks. You can track your body and weight measurements and even track your water consumption throughout the day. You can connect the app with Apple Health and make things more connected for yourself.


Fastic is one of the amazing apps if you are into Intermittent Fasting. The app makes things easy for fitness enthusiasts to lose weight, get a better life, the ideal body shape and habits for yourself. The app has a number of features including water tracker, a customized cookbook for you so that you do not get bored of having mainstream diet food and a series of different habits that can help you get your life in shape. 

you can even add a separate widget to track your steps and set a goal for your step count as well so that you can stay on your toes every time. For many people who want to track their weight and other aspects of their health, the app has everything that you would ever need. 


The app is very helpful for people who want to start intermittent fasting and want to stay consistent with their routine as well. You can set your fasting length, maintain a daily log and use advanced features like weight tracking, reminders and synchronization with the Health App. You can also integrate the app with Apple Watch integration, data export and add more to your lifestyle.


The app is easy-to-use and provides users with an amazing display with a clear picture of your weight, mood and makes sure to celebrate your daily achievements. Fastient by offers features like a simple home screen so that you can view current stats and get a graphical representation of your graph while fasting and feeding. 

You can always edit the start time of your fast. You can use Fastient using any device or platform and import information on the previous fasting. A unique feature offered in the app provides users with a way to note down their feelings and thoughts and cravings as well. 

In Summary

We can conclude here by saying that intermittent fasting becomes more effective, convenient and fun if you use one of these apps to stay on your intermittent fasting. These apps are an amazing way to keep your intermittent fasting schedule within your grasp and more scalable. Many of these apps connect users with other fitness enthusiasts so that they can share their journey and inspire other users as well.


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