Best Treatments For Face Pigmentation

Best Treatments For Face Pigmentation

Pigmentation is one of the most common skin issues faced by both men and women. Pigmentation is the discoloring of the skin that causes changes in the color of the skin. It is the condition that causes patches of the face to darken.

The places in the faces that are prone to pigmentation are the side of the lips, chin, cheeks, and forehead. The most common causes of pigmentation are sun exposure, inflammation, side effects to medication, etc.

There is a lot of skin pigmentation treatment that will work effectively on your skin to give you an even tone and complexion.

Before you choose a treatment, it is important to know more about your skin type and pigmentation to find the right treatment that will be effective on your skin. Below are some of the treatments for face pigmentation


Best Treatments for Skin Pigmentation

Protect Your Skin

It is important to care for your skin in order to boost skin repair. Moisturising your skin will help in cell turnover. When choosing a moisturizer go for the ones which have ingredients that boost cell repair. Some of the ingredients that accelerate cell repair are hyaluronic acid, retinol, and glycerine. A good moisturizer also protects your skin from further damage


Use Sunscreen

As mentioned before, damages caused by the sun can lead to different skin problems and pigmentation is one of them. Always protect your face from the sun before stepping out.


Apply a sunscreen with SPF greater than 40 if you are stepping out and even if you are indoors, apply a sunscreen with a lower SPF to protect your skin from the indirect rays. Sun rays can darken spots and pigmentation so it is advisable to carry a scarf or a hat if you are stepping out in the direct sun.


Don’t Touch Your Face

It is common to want to pick or pop a zit or a pimple the moment you find one on your face. As tempting as it might be, resist the urge to pick a blackhead, pimple, or any injury on your face. Picking a spot of injury will only increase the inflammation and can cause pigmentation and that can get darker over time. Keep your face clean and go for a topical treatment but avoid touching your face often


Say Hi to Serums

There are a lot of over the counter facial serums that work wonders for pigmentation. Look for serums whose active ingredients are effective for pigmentation. Active ingredients like vitamin c, lactic acid, kojic acid and glycolic acid work well in lightening pigmentation and also cell repair.


Use a few drops of serum before bedtime on your clean face and tap in gently all over your skin till it gets absorbed. Some serums are photosensitive, hence ensure you do not have it on you when you step out in the sun. Make sure you always do a patch test before you use the serum to avoid any possible side effects.


In case your pigmentation does not seem to get better visit a dermatologist and you will be suggested a hyperpigmentation treatment that will suit you the best. Pigmentation is usually harmless but, sometimes it can be caused by an underlying medical condition. It is advisable to eliminate any possible medical condition with few medical tests.





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