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Complete Guide N Painting by Numbers

by Priyanka SINGH
Complete Guide N Painting by Numbers

Paint by numbers is the easiest way of painting that the person who is a beginner can opt for. This is a traditional practice that people from the old year’s decide. If you are planning to do the painting by number, then you must prefer to purchase a kit that will contain a board on which the areas to be painted will be marked. paint by numbers custom is the best option to be an expert from the beginner.

Each area on the board will be assigned with a number, and the same numbers will be assigned on the bottle of the colours. So you can select the colour according to the number and start filling it. It will reduce the burden of colour combination on your mind. This is the most advisable way of painting as it will help you make a unique and attractive painting. 


What is paint by numbers?

custom paint by number is a technique that people from all over the world widely use. They love to do these painting as they are so easy and also they are a good source of entertainment for the painters. Not only in India is this painting that is widely preferred by people from all over the world.

There are many reasons due to which people from all over the world prefer these types of paintings. Now we will discuss in detail some of the main reasons that make people choose these painting over the other kind of paintings.


A way to relax

Relaxation is the first thing that strikes the mind of a person when he thinks of a painting by numbers. As these days like of people is so busy that they feel stressed because of the burden of the day. In that case, these painting act as the best way of relaxing the mind.


It helps in becoming the artist

If you are a beginner in the world of painting, then custom paint by number will be the best option for you. As this is the painting that helps a person in learning the basics of painting ad then just slowly and gradually he can learn the complete painting. He will be an expert in the field of painting.


You have the option to decorate the house           

You have the opportunity to decorate the home. Your art will help you in making your house unique and attractive. You can even use the piece of art as hanging in the home. Not only this, your art can even be used as a gift on the special occasion of your friends or family members.

These are some of the benefits of preferring the painting by numbers as your profession.One must try to make the painting in a unique and attractive manner so that he can get better results. They can even use these painting for the gifting purpose. It entirely depends on the person who is making that how he wish to use the painting.


Tips for painting

In the above matter, we have discussed what the benefits of doing the painting by numbers are. Once you are clear that you wish to opt for the painting by numbers, then you must keep in mind specific tips that will help you in making the best painting.

  • Start in descending order 

As we all know in case of painting with number, it is better to start in the descending order. If you start in the descending order than it means that you will have to paint the larger area first then move on to the smaller areas. If the painting will be done in the descending order then it will be less time consuming as there will be less chances of the mixing of the colours. paint by numbers custom in the descending order will be best option.


 Covering all the numbers

In the case of painting with numbers, there are numbers printed on the different areas, so you must try to paint it properly so that the written numbers are not visible. Do the painting neatly, and this is possible only when you do the second coating only after the first one properly dries. Do not just run when you are painting. Wait for a limited period so that the colour can dry and then only start with another colour.


  • Close the cap of the painting box in case 

If after the use you will not close the cap, then it will be dried, and it will become useless. When you are doing the painting, just keep in mind to close the button of the box so that it does not get dried up.

  • Take care of the brushes

As we all know, there are different colours that are used in the painting, so just make sure that you properly clean the brushes after every time you change the colour of the picture. If you do not clean it correctly, then the different colours will get mixed up, as a result of which your painting will get affected.

  • Corresponds the number with correct colour

This is the step that makes the painting by number the easiest option. When you select a colour, then just make sure that you fill all the areas at the same time that are marked with the same colour that is marked on the colour bottle. This will reduce the confusion that you have to face if you are going through any problem. You should clean the brushes properly and then shift to another colour.

  • Avoid mixing of colour


When you are doing the painting, then just make sure that you do it carefully and do it in such a manner that one colour does not get mixed with the other colours. paint by numbers custom  if done correctly then it willmake the painting beautiful.

These are some of the tips that a person must keep in mind that will help in making the painting effective. If you will do it properly then you will be an expert.

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