Different ways to bet on the NFL

Betting on the NFL is becoming more and more popular every season. More people in the US and around the world are putting money on the games being played and bookmakers now offer up a massive variety of different ways to bet.

The advent of internet streaming and a more connected world through social media and the internet has led to more people than ever before becoming interested in the NFL. People from Europe, Africa, or anywhere else can watch the NFL on almost the same premise as Americans. 

Betting has sprung up organically due to this and nowadays there are a ton of variety when it comes to what a gambler has to choose from. In this text we’re going to provide you with a brief rundown of some different ways to bet on the NFL. If you’re looking for more concrete gambling tips as well as where to turn to place a bet you can click on the link that follows to be taken to an excellent resource for example Cowboys odds, or any other team you’re interested in. These different types of gambling might be the perfect if you’re looking for something different than just picking the winner. 


Parlays are the preferred method amongst gamblers who are looking to add a little complexity to their gambling. Parlays are put together through many different events that can happen during a game. This then increases the odds and can make for bigger payouts if the bet goes through. 

A parlay might be structured and look something like this: The Cowboys don’t allow for more than 80 rushing yards, they catch at least one interception, and score over 5.5 touchdowns. This allows for a ton of customizability and is something that many players thoroughly enjoy as it allows for more analysis in regards to a single bet. 

Season long bets

Bets that stretch the entire season can be a lot of fun, while also giving the bettor in question a reason to stay involved in the finer details of the games being played. Remember to have fun, and that gambling isn’t an investment or way to make money.


Over/under bets are very popular for the same reason as parlays. They allow for more analysis to come into play and can be a ton of fun. Over/under bets work from a baseline and can look something like this: The Cowboys will score 5.5 touchdowns. By taking the under you believe that they will score less, while taking the over entails that you believe they will score more than that.


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