Digital savings account: How it changes the way

The banking sector in India has fully offered the digital wave to offer innovative products to clients. A digital savings account is known as the best innovation. In this article, you will get information on digital savings accounts and how they transform the banking experience. 

In today’s world, the digital world is known as the government’s ambitious goal to help the country move toward technology. 

The online banking sector has adopted digital technologies to innovate and provide a range of modern services and banking products. 

Meaning of digital account

A digital savings account is considered the electronic version of the savings account. 

The fast, secure, and paperless process of account opening permits clients to open a bank account without the requirement of a visit to the branch of the bank. 

Along with the basic features, you avail digital feature with the interest rate on your savings account. In addition, a Digital account permits many additional facilities, consisting of one bill payment, access to virtual debit cards, instant fund transfers, and 24*7 account access. 

How does the digital account work?

After understanding the basic information on the digital savings account, you also have to know about the working of the digital savings account. In the section, you will better know how the digital savings account works. 

If you want to open a digital savings account, then visit the net banking portal of the particular bank. 

Click on the apply option and fill out the application form for opening the account. You will also need to scan and upload the required documents, such as address proof and identity proofs, along with the one declaration form while applying for the digital savings account. 

The KYC for the digital savings account is made online via a secured video call. Once your digital savings accounts are open and ready for use, then you can easily access the net banking option through the mobile bank applications. 

What is the service offered by the digital savings account? 

Here we are going to tell you about the services that are offered by the digital savings account. Once your digital savings account is open, then you can access the services online. 

  • Instant fund transfers and deposits: A digital savings account permits you to deposit money from other accounts instantly. 
  • Access the huge of the service and products: The best thing about the digital savings account is that it offers you a broad range of services and products, such as debit cards, insurance coverage, etc. and is available for you the 24*7 hours
  • Best world-class support: If you open a digital savings account, then you can easily come in touch with the support executive via email, phone, and chat options. 


In this article, you will get information on digital savings accounts and the services offered to them. If you have any doubts related to the post, then ask by commenting below.  

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