Fashion marketing 101: What fashion designers should know to increase their reach

With increased competition, consumers are more discerning than ever. Brands should work harder than ever to get their logo ahead. This has led to the emergence of numerous fashion communication courses. To increase brand reach and build a loyal following, designers should consider fashion marketing to attract new fans, lapsing followers, and first-time buyers. 

Let us explore the basics of fashion marketing so you can begin incorporating them into your brand’s strategy.

What is fashion marketing?

It is the activity of promoting brands, products, or people within the fashion industry. It is a branch of fashion management. It is the process of linking a company’s brand with fashion, increasing sales or awareness. It is a strategic marketing approach to increase recognition, boost sales, and gain new followers. 

It uses various strategies of fashion communication to ensure the success of the different marketing campaigns.

Why is fashion marketing important?

The top design institutes emphasise the importance of a strong brand presence across social media so that you can reach as many people, whether they are interested in your products or not. Today, only a small percentage are interested in new and niche brands. With a strong presence on key social media platforms, you can improve your online presence and attract more attention from potential customers.

How to implement fashion marketing in your brand?

  • Develop an inspiring social media template 

Your social media template is the blueprint for your entire social media strategy. It is your brand’s visual representation and is the starting point for all your social media posts. 

  • Planning social media calendar 

Decide what posts you want to publish regularly on your social media channels and when you want them to be published. 

  • Engage with fans 

After creating a template, you can begin to post on all channels. Include key points about your brand, products, and services in each post. Also, include images and videos to keep your posts interesting and engaging. 

  1. Identify the best audiences 

By analysing critical social media metrics such as likes, comments, and shares in each post, you can identify the best audiences for your brand. 

  • Optimise social media channels 

You can significantly boost brand visibility by identifying the audiences and optimising your social media channels. 

  • Track social media analytics 

Once you start social media marketing for your brand, you should regularly track the analytics and analyse your results. This helps identify which social media channels are performing the best and where to focus your efforts

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