Finding Your Dream Fit: Plus Size Wedding Dresses Guide

Most young girls dream of one day feeling beautiful as they walk down the aisle in their ideal wedding gown. They look forward to shopping with friends, trying a series of styles, and finally locating the perfect dress. It’s all part of pre-nuptial excitement, and every bride-to-be deserves the chance to have the experience. With that in mind, designers now offer gowns in styles for women of all sizes, including curvy girls. With some planning, a plus-sized woman can find her perfect dress and look stunning walking down the aisle at her dream wedding. 

Shop for the Dress You Want

Thanks to a new focus on diversity in clothing design, it is now simple to find a range of lovely wedding gowns in sizes from 00-26. An online search will return styles that include romantic lacy dresses, curve-hugging silhouettes, and plunging necklines. There are dozens of strapless designs and dresses with sleeves in every length.  

However, not every bridal boutique offers a variety of plus-size designs. Shops often carry a limited selection of fabrics, styles, and silhouettes. Many offer primarily structured A-line gowns in thick materials, focusing on a “slimming look” rather than options. But, brides-to-be who advocate for themselves and are determined to have what they want can locate shops that carry plus size wedding dresses in styles for every taste.

Research Before Shopping

While you don’t have to settle for buying a dress online, the internet can be a terrific research tool. It is possible to find dozens of different dress styles, which can serve as inspiration for your choice. Wedding Journal Online suggests looking at models with the same shape as you, who wear the same size. That can inspire you and make it easy to see how various styles might fit you.  

Include Supportive Friends in the Process

Choosing a wedding dress is a tradition that often includes friends and family. There’s nothing quite like trying on different styles while those close to you offer encouragement and share in the excitement. Your gallery of supporters can also point out what works and what doesn’t.  

Make sure you choose people who are kind but offer an honest opinion. Trusted friends can gently discourage you from making unflattering choices. Your crew will also provide support through the process, which can take some time.  

Plan Around Your Current Size 

Vogue fashion experts remind brides to shop with their current size in mind. In fashion, there is often so much focus on weight that shoppers often choose dresses that only fit if they slim down. Look for gowns that flatter you just as you are, and ensure your companions support that decision. If you must advocate for yourself or explain your body, can lose the joy of finding your dream gown.

Spotlight Your Assets

No matter your wedding dress size, it should highlight your best features and minimize others. There are many plus-size designs that can maximize your assets and ensure you dazzle at your wedding. Look at various styles to determine which is most flattering to you. 

Try on dresses until you find one you love. For instance, a V-cut or sweetheart neckline can showcase cleavage and downplay the waist. A 50s-inspired knee-length or thigh-split gown is ideal for showing great legs. 

Many designers create wedding gowns that flatter the curvy figure, making it easier for plus-size brides to find their ideal gown. Brides should trust their instincts, shop for their current size, and look for gowns that showcase their assets. It’s a good idea to research styles before shopping, locate a store that carries a variety of plus-size dresses, and invite trusted friends when trying on gowns. 

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