Five Ways To Support Your Military Spouse

You have an important role in the community if you’re a military spouse. You provide unwavering support and dedication to your partner who is bravely serving our country. Unique challenges, such as frequent relocations and extended times away from the person you love, can test your patience and resolve. Still, it’s important to show support for your spouse in the military to show you’re there for them through thick and thin.

1. Send Care Packages

A care package is an excellent way to help remind your loved one of home during separation. It could include snacks, toiletries, photographs, or even some veteran owned apparel like shirts or hats. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to show them you’re thinking about them. Anyone going through a difficult time would love to get something in the mail to help remind them of the good times back home.

2. Call To Check In Often

Sometimes the simplest things can get your military spouse through the tough times. One easy way to do this is by calling often. Regular communication can help strengthen your relationship and provide emotional relief during stressful times. It’s important to ask them questions about how they’re doing and be a good listener. Remind them you’re always available to listen to anything they need. It benefits both sides. Even if you’re not the one over one million serving the country, there are times when you become lonely as well.

3. Take Care Of Household Chores

There may be things at home that you last got to months ago, whether it’s pulling weeds outside or finally painting the bathroom. Completing these small tasks while you’re loved one is on duty can give them a welcoming place to return to. Taking charge of these necessary tasks shows you want to do the small things to strengthen your bond together.

4.  Stay Consistent With Communication

One phone call is great, but you should do everything possible to keep a consistent schedule with your military spouse. People in the military can experience loneliness because of constant moving and lack of consistent communication. Doing your best to keep the lines of communication open can help ease their loneliness. Setting up times each week for video calling, phone calls, and sending letters often are all things you can do.

5. Remain Patient

Being patient is crucial when you’re married to someone in the military. It’s no secret that it can be unpredictable and stressful. It’s essential to remain understanding during challenging times. As a spouse, it’s likely for your partner to get deployed frequently or have hours at a time when they’re not available. Keeping a positive attitude can provide long-lasting support to make things easier.

The bottom line is that having a military partner can be challenging but can ultimately strengthen your relationship. Following these simple tips can make getting through the more difficult times easier.


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