Fun New Credit Cards To Try in 2021

Fun New Credit Cards To Try in 2021

Are you looking to use your credit to its fullest? It may be tempting to latch on to certain credit cards, but you could be caught off-guard by interest rates and annual fees that sneak up on you. Don’t be scared away though, because there are some interesting trends in credit that could make it worth your while to sign up for and start using immediately.

Cash-Back Credit Cards

One of the newest trends in credit is cashback rewards. Cards like the Tangerine credit card give customers a 2% cashback for two out of ten possible spending categories including home improvement, groceries, and entertainment. The Tangerine bank card through Mastercard also expands rewards if you apply for a savings account, allowing for that cashback receipt for another category, plus no annual fees to sneak up and surprise you. The Tangerine card also alerts you to your spending habits, also syncing up with mobile wallets for quicker access.

There are plenty of other cashback options available. The Chase Freedom Flex and Citi Double Cash credit cards have emerged as a preferred option among consumers based on brand recognition and advertisers. These allow cardholders to use their cashback rewards to pay down their account balance, or towards other perks for purchase. By also operating through banks, there are opportunities to establish bank accounts and other assets.

Cryptocurrency Credit Cards

Cryptocurrency has become all the craze, from the rise of Bitcoin to the meme-motivated Dogecoin. With apps like Coinbase and Gemini available for crypto trade, there’s now a push for consumers to try a Crypto credit card. One of the earliest examples of cryptocurrency credit cards is the Wirex Visa. This allows cardholders to stake WXT tokens to get up to 1.5% cashback and get discounts on eligible purchases when enough tokens are accrued. Bitcoin is by far the most well-known cryptocurrency, and you can access it through the Bitpay Mastercard. These are available at a low rate for consumers to enjoy.

These cryptocurrency cards are available in both debit and credit, allows users to make card-based payments that pull money from their bank account. With a credit card, the user doesn’t necessarily need to have any funds deposited through a financial institution in order to start spending. Crypto assets work differently from traditional payment, but transactions made on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are usually irreversible.

Be sure to look into the brands on these crypto cards, because there are some concerns over reliability about this space. These cards come with add-on features, as most crypto card providers are interested in nailing down the simple process of converting crypto assets.

Travel Rewards and Other Benefits

Beyond cash-back cards and cards that are alluring to crypto enthusiasts, there are the traditional rewards systems that are available through major credit card companies. The Platinum American Express may require a strong credit rating, but it does offer placement in exclusive programs. You can score points on everyday purchases, but also gain access to lounges at major airports and even discounts on hotels and other travel arrangements.

The Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card offers rewards through certain merchants, and up to a certain percentage of points accrued to use everything you swipe or tap. This is considered one of the best credit cards as an entry-level travel reward card for customers with a good credit score. Of course, many major credit card providers have also locked into deals with top airlines for customers to score mileage on all of their purchases. This is great for people who are constantly on the go, traveling for work and play.


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