Getting Married? Here’s Everything to Consider

Getting Married? Here’s Everything to Consider

A survey was taken in 2020 regarding the average spending for a wedding. They found that the average overall spending for a wedding within the US was $28,000.

A couples wedding day is one of the most memorable days of their lives. But, the process leading up to this special day can be far from easy. Some may even say it is the most stressful moment of their lives. 

People going through the stages of getting married will struggle with certain parts. But, with this list, you should find the process of going from engaged to married a bit easier.

What to Do Before You Start Planning

Before you begin planning on getting married, you can do a few things to ensure happiness. The last thing couples will want is to get married and realize it wasn’t a good fit. 

You can enact a few great methods to learn how strong your relationship is. Follow these steps before you start planning your wedding.

Discuss the Values

If you and your partner have reached the stage of tying the knot, you will both feel you’re a perfect combination. This commitment is a huge step and not one to be taken lightly.

Sitting down and talking about each of your values before the day is a wise choice. For example, do you know what religion your partner is? This question should not be a huge thing, but truly understanding one another should be.

Are there any values that your partner has that could cause trouble once you are married? These are the things you should discover before you start planning your wedding.

Go On a Couples Holiday

Going on a vacation together can be the ideal way to learn about your connection. Going away with your partner without anyone else around will show your strength.

Are you able to go away for a week or more without growing bored or picking at your partner’s every action? If so, this may be a relationship that will pass the test of time.

These trips don’t need to be an extravagant all-inclusive trip to Santorini. You can do this by simply packing your bags, loading the car, and taking a road trip to a fantastic location.

Have the Awkward Money Conversation

You will struggle to find something more awkward than having a conversation about money. Finances are a huge part of most people’s lives. This is especially true when talking about money with your future wife/husband.

If you are in your early to mid-20s, then a 401k may not be planned for your immediate future. However, if you have a business head on you, it may become part of your life down the line. 

Talk about how this pay rise will affect your marriage. Will this  money be split 50/50 between you and your loved one? Will you be expected to pay for everything while your partner looks after the home?

Will There Be Children in the Future?

The main issue that could arise in a strong marriage is the subject of children. This topic is more divided than the views on Marmite. Do both you and your partner have the same beliefs?

There are some people Photo Booth who have always wanted children for as long as they can remember. In contrast, other people have always despised the thought of having children. 

Are you and your partner on equal understanding regarding this topic? If not, is it likely that one of you will change your mind without resenting it later down the line?

Share a Home

This point is very similar to the taking a vacation point mentioned earlier. Try living solely with your partner for at least a year before getting married. Doing so will have a range of benefits.

Living together makes sense with regards to having a single rent/mortgage. But it makes sense for other reasons too. The main one is that you and your partner will be alone, constantly. 

This is another excellent way to work out how strong your relationship is. If you and your partner can spend almost 24 hours a day together, 7 days a week, marriage will be a breeze. 

Whose Name Will Remain?

When it comes to weddings, a lot of people will stick to tradition as much as possible. But, with the modern age, tradition is slowly starting to take the back seat. 

The most significant tradition regarding weddings is whose last name your coupling will take. Will it be the traditional method of taking the male’s last name, or will you take the female’s last name? 

Before you start wedding planning, you will want to address these potential problems. Make sure both you and your partner are on the same page beforehand.

What to Do Before Getting Married

Now you have a robust and healthy coupling that is ideal for following through to the marriage stage. The next step is to learn how to plan a wedding with ease in top dating apps. 

Yes, that previous sentence may be a colossal contradiction. But if you think about the following points, you may find the process far easier than you initially thought.

What’s Your Budget?

The first thing you and your partner will need to decide is what your budget is for the wedding. Decide on your budget as your first step and stick to it following the rest. 

Preplanning your wedding budget may well be the best choice you make. If you plan to spend the average $28,000, you may not want to go over that price by not budgeting. 

If you worry about the money required for your wedding, there are wedding loans available. These loans can help make your day as memorable as you always wanted it to be.

Give the Photographer a Trial Run

When the wedding day finally comes, it is safe to say that both sides of the coupling will be distracted. You will want to find the perfect wedding photographer to immortalize your day.

But, what assurances do you have that the pictures will come out as you want them to? Each photographer will have a portfolio of their previous work, but that may not be enough.

During the wedding planning, ask your photographer if they can take engagement photos. These photos can be a great way to test your photographer’s skill—while at the same time getting some fantastic pictures for your engagement.

What’s the Venue?

Finding the venue can be a massive aspect of most wedding planners’ journeys. You can plan every part of the perfect wedding but have it fall short with the venue.

Before you look at your venues, you will need to decide how many people will join you. Once you know the headcount, find the venue that matches your plans. 

When you are finally tying the knot, you will want all your closest loved ones to attend. Make sure your venue is big enough to fit the attendees whilst meeting your expectations.

The All-Important Question

The majority of married couples will say that one of the most crucial aspects of planning a wedding is the food. Each of your guests will remember what the food is like above all else.

Think of your wedding as the most crucial dinner party you will ever host. With this in mind, you may want to consider hiring a professional wedding caterer. 

A wedding caterer will have been trained in how to make the food perfect for your wedding. The best part is, you could get to have a prior visit with the caterer and try the food before you decide.

The Dress

The wedding dress has to be perfect for your needs. This is one dress that you won’t want to be rid of. 

The wedding dress will have a stable location within the family wardrobe for the rest of your life. You need to make sure you are happy with every aspect of it. 

If you have a dress silhouette in mind that has a tighter bodice and a flowing skirt, you may be wondering what this style is called so you can find your perfect gown. You may be wondering what the differences are between fit and flare vs mermaid wedding gowns. You can check Avery Austin to know more.


Start searching for this perfect dress well before the actual date. The dress may need adjustments to your figure, and you will want them completed with enough time to spare.

Congratulations to the Bride and Groom

Going through the process of getting married can either be a struggle or a blessing. Be sure to follow the above points, and you should find yourself living happily ever after in no time.

Be sure your relationship is strong, and make sure you understand each other before your start planning your wedding. When planning the wedding, test things out and skip the potential scares on your wedding day.

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