Hair Extensions: Your Slick Guide to the Style Your Hair Deserves


What is the first thing that you recall when you think of Rapunzel? Swoon-worthy, floor-grazing, long and silky tresses! Isn’t it? However, let’s not fall for the fantasy and look at the reality behind it. With such volume and length, imagine the amount of struggle with hair washes. Well, she did what she had to and got it chopped, but you’re lucky!

Say hello to glam and bye-bye to Darwin’s clam with uber convenient hair extensions! Now even you can bring in your hair-flip game with ponytail hair extensions in Australia without any humidity or detangling struggles!

Can’t figure out your hairstyles with extensions? Let’s smoothen out the problem for you!

Before You Begin

It’s obvious! Your excitement is off the charts now that your Cate Blanchett’s fierce hair curls are near. But brilliance comes to those who are patient with preparations for the smooth welcome!

Here’s how you should prep up before adding extensions to your hair!

  • Your hair extensions should ideally align with your tresses’ colour, comfort and convenience for maintenance.
  • Your polished look demands that you blow-dry your extensions before attaching them to your hair!
  • Don’t haste while styling your hair extensions as a patient endeavour will end with a lustrous and lasting look!

What Are the Different Hairstyles You Can Create With Hair Extensions?

Whether you shop for natural afro-textured locks or smooth ponytail hair extensions, styling is a non-negotiable! You can’t always let your hair down and call it a day for the hair fashion segment, can you? That’s why you need these styles to keep your chin up and your tresses gorgeous!

  1. What’s Up With Waves!

If messy and effortless is the combination you seek, beach waves are your beautiful tres-buddies. From enhancing volume to getting your daily hair an upgrade, the waves are perfect for keeping the hair extensions hidden and rocking!

Just remember, the messier the wave, the more alluring the look!

Secret Hack: Wrap the ends of hair around a curling iron but leave a few inches out to make your waves look natural. (Promise you won’t tell anyone?)

2. Say Hello to Low Pony!

Imagine a hairstyle that works for a professional event, informal getaway, on not-so-great-hair days and too-lazy-to-wash times too!

Everything is possible with a low pony. Don’t deny it. You can’t wait to know how to get this versatile hairstyle. Simply clutch your hair, tie it loosely with hair extensions, and you’re good to go! You can even add curls at the end to get ready for a girls night out!

3. Embrace the Braids!

Are you a fan of mermaid-like hair on hot summer days? If you feel the heat on your shoulders due to hair falling down, the braids are best for your strands! Not only are they perfect to go with a straight tresses add-on, but also with ponytail hair extensions.

Note: As attractive as the fishtails look, you need to be careful while parting your hair as the extensions can turn explicit.

Not the split ends, okay? Other than the damage, there can be different reasons to get ponytail hair extensions in Australia. However, the ways to style your hair to boost your confidence and the strand volume appearance will always be more!

Now that you got your hair extensions along with the styling tips, it’s time to rock them!

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