How Do Food and Drinks Affect Our Skin?

We are what we eat. It seems that everyone from young to old knows this truism. But not everyone can guess exactly how our taste preferences are reflected on the face. That’s exactly what we’ll figure out in today’s article. 

Well, what exactly will be reflected on your face with a smile and a good mood is a visit to Beint spilavíti. Some foods, such as chocolate or fruit, can also easily boost your mood, but they may not always have a positive effect on your appearance. Why? Let’s explain below!

Why Do Drinks and Food Affect Our Appearance?

Naturopath and skin care specialist Nygma Talib, who is consulted by actress Sienna Miller, makeup guru Charlotte Tilbury, and other stars, claims that just by looking at a person, you can determine what he eats.

The doctor says: it is enough for some people to overeat cereals for one day (for example, have breakfast with cereals and a couple of sandwiches, have lunch with lasagna, and eat pasta for dinner) to cause bloating and pronounced puffiness of the face. Over the past ten years, Nygma has examined thousands of patients and made sure that what you eat directly affects the health of your intestines, and therefore the condition of your skin.

The most vulnerable parts of the face, according to the expert, are the forehead, chin, cheeks, and eyes.

What Foods and Drinks Should Not Be Abused?

The doctor noticed that: “It is impossible to draw up a general set of rules – people’s reactions to certain foods are too different. Your best friend can drink a liter of milk without any consequences, and a piece of butter you ate at breakfast can provoke irritation on the chin.”

But there are 3 most common effects of products on the face and skin, which we will discuss below.

Wine Face

Typical symptoms: those who abuse alcohol have characteristic redness on the cheeks, nose, and in the area between the eyebrows. There are several other unpleasant symptoms: drooping eyelids, enlarged pores, and dehydrated skin, through which capillaries appear on the cheeks, and nasolabial folds deepen.

What is the reason? Alcohol dehydrates the skin, and lack of moisture contributes to the appearance of multiple wrinkles. Nasolabial lines suffer the most — they become deeper and more noticeable.

Sugar Face

Typical symptoms: wrinkles on the forehead, bags under the eyes, pimples and inflammation, thinning of the skin, grayish-pale skin tone — signs characteristic of those who cannot live without sweets.

The consumption of a large number of products containing sugar causes glycation, a process by which glucose molecules make initially elastic collagen fibers rigid and inflexible. As a result, the skin loses elasticity, and sags — especially under the eyes, where it is the thinnest.

Milk Face

Typical symptoms: swollen eyelids, bags and dark circles under the eyes, pimples on the chin — a person does not know that dairy products are contraindicated for him.

What is the reason? Research by scientists has proved that over the years, a person gradually loses enzymes that make it possible to effectively digest lactose. That is why nutritionists do not advise people over 30 to abuse dairy products.

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