How Effective Is Divorce in Resolving Conflicts?

Divorce is a painful process. Very few couples find they can walk away without any hurt or lingering feelings. As a result, conflict remains an issue as the two individuals move forward in the process. 

One thing a person needs to know if you’re getting divorced is how to handle this conflict. Doing so will make the process easier for all involved. This is particularly important when children are involved. Use the following conflict resolutions tools to keep disagreements to a minimum. 

Choose a Safe Space

Where a conversation is held can be as important as what is said during the talk. Find somewhere quiet and private with nobody else around and have the conversation. Couples may wish to talk using email, text, or the phone, but in-person conversations are best. They allow each party to read the other person’s body language. If this isn’t possible, a phone call is the next best choice. A lot can be determined by a person’s tone of voice, and there is less risk of the tone being misinterpreted like it is often is with text messages and emails.  

Expect Conflict

If two people agree on everything, they are not likely to divorce. Divorcing couples need to expect conflict and finds way to deal effectively with disagreements. Now is the perfect time to bring up any areas of disagreement relating to the divorce. If one party doesn’t do so because they wish to avoid conflict, they will regret it once the divorce is final. It’s best to resolve all issues during the divorce proceedings so both parties can move forward with life without lingering issues. 

Choose Battles Wisely

This does not mean every area must be addressed in the divorce proceedings. In the heat of the moment, every item may seem to be of critical importance. Once both parties calm down, this same issue might not appear important at all. When a topic of contention comes up, acknowledge it and then put it on the back burner for a few hours or a few days. If it still seems important at that time, bring it up. Otherwise, let it go. 

Take Time to Listen

Each party in a divorce needs to be willing to listen to the other person. Don’t interrupt them, as this will cause more conflict and few things will be resolved. Listen to what they are saying and the ideas behind them. Stop and think about other times that they haven’t been heard. This helps to improve communication while reducing conflict, as every person is entitled to their opinion and should be permitted to share it. 

Consider the Future

One thing both parties in a divorce need to do is look to the future. How will each party feel about the divorce proceedings as they move forward in life? Will they be embarrassed by their actions or proud of how they handled the process maturely? Those who can say they act maturely tend to feel better about the divorce overall when the process is complete. 

Both parties must work to reduce conflict. If only one party attempts to do so, there will be resentment. Now is the time to compromise and work out disagreements. Doing so allows both parties to move forward with their lives with few regrets. If help is needed in working out conflicts, turn to a professional. The time and money spent with this individual is worth it in the long run. 

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