How To Find The Top Online Casino Games Easily

In 1994 the world saw the birth of the first fully functioning gambling software, which was created b Microgaming. Since then, online casinos and the online casino games they offer have changed drastically.

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Today we take a look at a few top online casino games that you can find and play. 

Top Online Casino Games

The more we play online casino games, the more we find out how difficult it is to find games we can actually enjoy. For many of us, when we find an online casino game that we like, we refuse to move on to any other because we struggle to find the games we’re currently playing. Below we take a look at a few online casino games that you can start enjoying at online casinos. 


If you love playing table games, then you’ll definitely want to take a chance to play blackjack. Blackjack is a table game played between two parties, the bettor and the house. The game is played with a deck of cards and has three outcomes that you can bet on. 

Many of us venture into playing online casino games because we’re looking for the land-based experience, and online casinos have made it a point to add live dealer games. Live dealer games are streamed versions of land-based games which offer you a live human dealer. 

Many online casinos offer the live dealer version of blackjack. This is an amazing alternative if you’re looking for something much more interactive and realistic. 

Gonzos Quest

If you’ve been playing online slots, then you’ve probably come across Gonzos Quest. Gonzos Quest was released in 2011; however, it has become an online slot game phenomenon. The entire point of the game is to help Gonzo find his treasure while going on an epic adventure in the Andes Mountains that can be found in Peru. 

The slot game has 20 paylines and an avalanche feature that makes the slot game fun and interesting to play. If you’re looking to play something that will keep you entertained, then Gonzos Quest is definitely the right game for you.


Monopoly is a household favorite, with many of us sharing amazing and unique memories with the board game. Monopoly Live offers a similar experience as it is a unique live variant of the board game. 

Monopoly live, although a variant of Monopoly the board game, is slightly different from the usual version we know and trust. With Monopoly Live, a live host spins a mounted super-sized wheel. Your job as the player is to determine which outcome the wheel will land on next. 


If you’re looking for a slot game that has a stylish theme and is easy to learn, then you’ll definitely want to look at playing Starburst. The slot game, which was created by NetEnt, has 20 paylines and high payouts and also offers you the chance to win big. 

How to Find Top Casino Games

There are millions of amazing games that you can find at online casinos, with new online casino games being released daily. Below we take a look at the different ways you can find top casino games.

Don’t be Afraid to Play a Few Online Casino Games

You’ll want to play a few online casino games when trying to find something you like. Shopping around will also help you figure out the different games that you’re interested in playing. The more you play these games, the more you’re able to find games that fit exactly what you’re looking for. 

Always Play the Demo Version First

If you’re looking to play online games that you’re unfamiliar with, then you’ll definitely want to start off by playing the demo version of that game. By playing the demo version of these games, you’re able to see whether you can or cannot play the game. Demo versions of games can be found online or at most software developer sites.

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