How to Make Explainer Videos That Match the Sales Funnel

 How to Make Explainer Videos That Match the Sales Funnel

The sales funnel is the process that potential consumers follow on their way to making a purchase. Sales funnels of different styles exist, but they all require generating interest, explaining benefits, and, of course, completing the deal.


Video is an efficient marketing tool that can be employed at any point in the sales funnel. 

With an explainer video, customers can get a better idea of what a service or product is like by watching a video. As a result, buyers can make better judgments involving the brand. Of late animated explainer video are gaining interest in this space 


To be most effective, however, videos must be displayed to the correct leads at the right time to increase conversions. As a result, understanding the various stages of the sales funnel is critical.

Benefits of Explainer Videos in a Sales funnel 


  • Brings more attention 
  • Generates curiosity
  • Informs and educates about the products and services 
  • Drives traffic to your landing page or any other place where you make sales
  • Helps to stand out from competitors 
  • Helps in highlighting new features or events
  • Describe the functions and benefits of a product or service
  • Increase brand awareness and helps in establishing credibility and reputation 


The right ways to use videos in the funnel 

1. The Funnel’s Top is the awareness phase 

The first stage of the sales funnel is all about getting people’s attention. The goal here is to establish a solid first impression and increase lead interest in the business. At this stage, video content will be most effective if it impresses and thereby engages targets. 


The main motto of the video in this stage is to make an effort to raise awareness. It’s also a smart option to respond to initial queries. one can also go for animated explainer videos to pique curiosity.


If your customers are learning about your business for the first time, they will require more time and information to make a final decision and lengthy videos would be ideal in this case.


2. The Mid Funnel is the consideration phase 

Leads have shown interest in your brand and are now looking for further information, particularly on why the product or service is the best option for them. At this point in the sales funnel, leads are weighing their alternatives and researching competitors.


To move prospects from the middle to the bottom of the sales funnel, one must persuade them that your brand is the ultimate solution. In this stage, the explainer video should provide extra information about what the company does and how you assist your clients to help leads make that decision.


At the same time, it should emphasize establishing trust. Leads’ interest in your brand is sparked if they are impressed, and they are propelled farther down the funnel.


3. The Funnel bottom is the decision phase 

It’s time to make a decision! The goal at this point is to get leads to buy from you (instead of from a competitor). Here, the leads are almost ready to buy, but they may have a few concerns. By focusing on their concerns, you can make it simple for them to choose your brand. 


The focus of the video at this stage is to address all of the potential clients’ questions and make them buy the product.


The Takeaway 

It is important to use the appropriate style of video at each stage of the sales funnel to guide leads from the top to the point where they are converted. Keep the sales funnel’s processes in mind: awareness, consideration, and decision. Different types of explainer videos will be required for each of these phases. 

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