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How to Make Free Sales-Worthy Real Estate Videos

by Sneha

In the contemporary world, most businesses use digital channels for advertising and selling their products to customers. They have to employ different marketing tools and techniques to lure in and educate the customers regarding their offerings. Videos have become the go-to option for marketers in most industries to advertise and sell products. Video marketing strategies are also transforming the real estate sector. Real estate marketing is getting a modern touch using video marketing. 

Let’s delve deeper into how one can easily make free and sales-worth real estate videos.

Choosing the Right Gear

The first step towards creating a sales-worthy real estate video starts with choosing the right gear for your video creation. The real estate market is highly competitive, and you need to give your best shot if you want your customers to take an interest in what you are offering. It is recommended to shoot your videos in natural light to give the authentic look and feel of the property you are shooting.

Refrain From Using the Fisheye

Most real estate agents ignore while creating a lucrative real estate marketing video by showing the actual view. They rely on using a wide-angle lens like the fisheye to make the room look bigger. It can be attractive at first glance, but when customers visit the location, they might feel cheated and disappointed.

Tidy up

You don’t want your customers to see an untidy place. It is a major turn-off and can even make a suitable property look bad. One must walk around the house they are capturing to tidy up any faint objects that might hamper the look of the place. The tidying up process can include decluttering counters and tabletops, hiding pets, shutting closet doors, smoothing wrinkles on bedspreads, closing toilet seats, adjusting couch pillows, etc.

Planning the Right Shots

Planning the right shots is the key to creating a phenomenal video that can help the customer learn about the place in detail. For areas like bedrooms and bathrooms, you can manage with just 2-3 shots. However, for showcasing the master suite, kitchen, and living room, you need to work on multiple shots from different angles. It will help to provide the complete picture for the viewers and potential buyers.

Shooting the Video Clip

Shooting a real estate video is simple yet challenging because you are not capturing things in motion. Here you have to create a narrative and introduce activity into a still environment. Usually, slides are a go-to option for capturing an entire room and making wide shots far more interesting. It would be best if you positioned your slider outside a doorway to unleash the room view. If you want to get a wraparound effect, you can try sliding and then panning.  

Video Editing

Editing plays a crucial role in creating an exceptional sales video for your real estate projects. Dynamic and feature-rich video editing tools like InVideo can help you create lucrative real estate videos in just a few minutes.

In a Nutshell

Creating a powerful sales-worthy real estate video requires a deep understanding of how you want your customers to see the property. Video editing plays a crucial role in creating a rich sales video to showcase your property to interested parties.


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