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How To Make Money on Your Used Books

by Priyanka SINGH

Do you have piles of old books been taking up space in your home? Are you moving or simply looking to declutter?

Many people hold on to old books out of convenience, but selling your used books is a great way to clear up space and make money back on items you don’t need anymore. Not sure where to go to sell your used books? Keep reading to find some of the best places to help thin out your book collection.

Online Markets

Online markets are an easy, quick way to clear out your book clutter. There are a variety of websites online that you can sell to for a great price. 

selling your used books depends on different factors, like the condition and edition. This is one of the best options to look into, as these sellers will purchase these books from you with a quick payment turnaround. Remember to be honest about the condition of your books before shipping them out. This can save you time and a headache if the buyer is unhappy with tattered books they thought were in brand new condition.

Local Bookstores

Often, local bookstores are on the hunt for new inventory! However, bookshop owners may be pickier with the condition of the book than other buyers. This can be frustrating, but it’s also a great way to make money off of books in brand-new condition. Avoid big-name book stores, as they will turn down purchasing books. This can save you time and a trip! Used book stores will be much more apt to purchase books in any condition. 

Yard Sales

Holding a yard sale is a great way to get rid of clutter that has accumulated throughout your home, and a great way to sell the used books that have piled up! An easy way to sort books for sale at a garage sale is to go by price. A quick online search can give you an estimate of what the book would be worth. Then, place them with other books of the same price to make it easy for buyers.

Though you may be required to get a permit to hold a yard sale, this is a great way for book lovers to take a peek at your collection. Your neighbors may even find their next favorite thanks to you!

Local Colleges

Many people may not think to advertise or sell used books at local colleges, but university students are always looking for cheaper alternatives.Though you may not have textbooks for sale, many English and humanities courses require a large variety of different titles and genres.This is a win-win for those looking to sell, and college students looking for a discounted price on used books for sale.

Don’t Let Your Used Books Waste Away

The used books you have can be worth a lot, and hoarding them isn’t making you any money. Book lovers everywhere agree that books deserve a home where they will be read and cherished. There are plenty of places you can sell used books online or in person.

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