How to Make Sports Betting Easier in 2023

Sports betting is big business these days. Did you know that in 2021, the gross yield generated by the industry was over $400 billion? That figure is calculated by subtracting the payouts that sportsbooks and betting sites make from the revenue they bring in. Although it doesn’t account for taxes and expenses, it still clearly demonstrates that the house always wins in the long run.

If you struggled to return a profit on your betting endeavors in 2022, it might be time to change tack in 2023. Here are a list of handy hints and tips which can’t guarantee you success (nothing can in the highly volatile world of gambling), but could just make that extra difference in turning your fortunes around.

Follow a tipster

One of the simplest and most effective ways to make sports betting both easier and more lucrative is to let someone else do the legwork. These days, there is a whole industry dedicated to analyzing the markets, assessing past form and unearthing odds which are favorable. By following the bets of those who are most successful in the sector, you can potentially piggyback your way to a bit more enjoyment. At the very least, you’ll learn their strategies and pick up some new information about what constitutes good betting practice.

Download the app

Have you heard the saying: there’s an app for everything? Whichever betting site you use, they’re almost certain to have an app in today’s increasingly digital world. If you download it, you’ll often find that you gain access to all kinds of perks and promotions, not to mention facilitating the sign-in process each time you visit their domain. Instead of having to open up your browser, search for the website and log on, you can simply click an icon on your phone and you’ll be ready to place a bet. That could give you an edge if you’re someone who likes to place a lot of in-play wagers.

Use cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are an increasingly popular option in the world of sports betting – and for good reason. Not only do they enhance your anonymity online and make all transactions quicker, cheaper and more secure, but they can also entail other advantages, too. For example, those who use crypto to bet can join the Sportsbook Clubhouse with tempting offers aplenty. As well as accessing odds boosters and bet builders, you can also enter competitions to win free bets and actual Bitcoin!

Keep a journal

For seasoned gamblers, keeping a record of all of their transactions (both successful and losing) is all-important. After all, it’s oh so easy to remember your triumphs, but the times your bets fell short can evade your memory. If you keep a betting journal, you can look back on it and try to identify patterns which can help you to adjust your strategy going forwards. It also allows you to see at a glance how much you’re up or down at any given time.

No one said sports betting was easy – but it doesn’t have to be so difficult, either. Follow these tips to simplify the process for yourself this year.


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