How to Make Your Own CBD Vape Juice at Home

Vaping CBD has become a popular method for getting quick results from this popular plant-based agent over the past few years. Since vaping does not expose people to the same set of carcinogens as smoking, it’s generally considered a safer alternative yet still offers the benefit of being faster-acting than ingesting CBD oil. hhc disposable

While high-quality CBD vape, juice is readily available through multiple reputable retailers, some people prefer to make their own products at home so that they can avoid non gmo complaint issues. The process may seem intimidating before people try it, but in reality, it’s no harder than making homemade gummies, creams, or other CBD products.

Step One: Gather the Ingredients and Equipment

The ideal way to make CBD vape juice at home is to start with a powdered CBD isolate, but because those are unavailable in most places, this article will present a recipe that uses CBD oil instead. Along with CBD oil, the recipe will require vegetable glycerin and flavoring. While professionally manufactured CBD vape juice typically contains both vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, homemade mixtures will work just fine with only the glycerin.

In terms of equipment, most of the things required to make vape juice at home are items people already have on hand. They include a glass mixing bowl, a measuring cup, a mixing spoon, and a funnel. Home CBD vape juice makers will also need to purchase some glass dropper bottles for safe storage.

Step Two: Mix the Ingredients

Add one part CBD oil to two parts vegetable glycerin to the glass mixing bowl along with a few drops of flavoring. Some people prefer to measure their ingredients using a digital scale rather than a mixing cup to make it easier to estimate doses. While not technically necessary, this extra step will make it easier to use the vape juice to maximum therapeutic benefit.

Step Three: Transfer to Bottles

The mixture will need to sit for at least a day before it can be used. At that point, it can be transferred to the glass dropper bottles using the funnel. When stored in a cool, dark place, properly made vape juice should keep for up to a year.

The Importance of Using High-Quality Ingredients

Vaping is generally believed to be safer than smoking, but that only applies when people are using safe, high-quality ingredients. Be sure to use food-grade vegetable glycerin for the vape juice, and purchase CBD oil from a reputable vendor. Taking these steps will make a difference not just in terms of quality but also in user safety.

Is It Worth the Effort?

Some people feel that making CBD vape juice at home is worth the effort, while others prefer to purchase their vape juice as a finished product. Both of these are viable solutions provided buyers find reputable vendors that lab test their CBD products, so deciding whether it’s worth the effort is largely a matter of personal choice. Why not give the process a try once, and then decide from there?

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