How to Start Creating your Own Manga

Looking for an original idea? Have you ever wanted to create your own manga? It’s possible to do so, and it’s even possible to do it easily! You just have to have the motivation and the time. Creating your own manga is as easy as that. You only need to know how to create realistic and detailed stories with lots of unique poses and details. You don’t need to have any experience in the art of story telling or any knowledge of Japanese. All you need is the energy, the will, and the creativity. And, believe it or not, there is a market for those who create their own manga. There are a variety of websites and Internet forums where people can sell their original works for money. It’s an exciting world out there, isn’t it? Well, let’s take a look at how you can start creating your own manga.

What is a Manga?

Manga are Japanese comics which has a variety of genres such as history, fantasy, horror, mystery, romance, comedy and more. Manga are style of graphic novels that originated in Japan. Manga books are considered comic books which suits anyone from any ages. It is heavily influenced by Japan’s culture, tradition and language. It shows real life problems that characters fight.

1.    Choose your genre

The type of story you tell will greatly affect the success of your manga book. There are many different types of applications and sites that can be used to create a successful and engaging story. There are many different types of writing style that can be used to create a successful and engaging story. Choosing the genres of your story is a vital step as it would be one of your basis on how you should create the background and attitude of your characters. It will also be the basis of the flow and limitations of the story.

2.   Choose your topic

What is your topic? In this case, it’s the entire story you want to tell. It doesn’t matter if you want to teach literacy or teach history, the topic is essential to create a unique piece of work. Choosing the right topics can help you create a more in-depth story that is both engaging and educational. The topic would be the center of your storyline which the character would overcome. It’s important to create a topic suitable to the demographics of your manga books.

3.   Choose your illustration

This is the part where you start communicating the ideas and the characters of your story to the world. The best illustration you can do is go beyond the familiar. It can be anything; a picture, a diagram, a word, whatever you want it to be. The more unusual the image or the word, the more popular it will be. There is a world of difference between the two when it comes to how popular an image is in relation to the article you choose to publish. You should create the illustration of your characters, the background and things on your manga. The illustration should interconnect to the genre, topic, and the role of the character. It is a vital part of creating a manga as it would be the one that will act for the characters you have in mind

4.   Start with text only

This is the way to create a story that is both engaging and educational. Text only stories are usually very short, usually between three and six pages. This is because there are very few things that can be depicted in just three words or three pictures. Create the text such as dialogue and narratives of your manga. This would be base on the illustration drawn. You should create a story first to know how your character should act and the places that they should go which you will draw.

5.   Create the poses and the backgrounds

In short, this is the part where you take the first step towards creating your own manga. Choose the poses you want to use on your page. They can be anything from simple poses to complex and elaborate poses. If you choose to show the humans and animals of your world, you will probably need more poses such as clothing, hats, gloves, and other accessories. But, if you want to show the places you live or the events that take place in your world, you should probably stick with simple poses.

This poses are necessary for the characters while they are having their dialogues. This would make the reader learn the mood of the character and the chapter they are reading. It is a huge part of manga books as it is paired with dialogues and texts.

6.   Publish your Manga

This is the final step towards creating your own manga. After you’ve chosen the poses, the characters, backgrounds you want to show and incorporate it in one scene, choose the date and time when you would like your story to publish. You can choose any time, but choose a date that is convenient for you and your subscribers. You may also plan out a few weeks or even months ahead where you will only be contributing to the website for a set time. You can publish your manga through passing it to publishing companies but if you’re still an aspiring mangaka you can always post it to online manga sites such as Mangago, Mangaowl, Mangafreak, Reading Manga, and Mangakakalot. This sites are free and visited by over thousands of readers. You can post anytime at any device.


A great way to start creating your own manga is through the use of a website or application. You can choose any theme you want and write about it. You can choose the topic you want to cover or the illustration you want to use. When you’ve finished brainstorming and writing, it’s time to choose your illustrations. They are the most important thing you will do during the creation of your own manga. They are the core of your story and will make or break its success. If you choose the wrong illustration for your story, your readers will probably not get the complete picture.  The road to creating your own manga is long, filled with many paces and many hurdles. You have to choose your topics wisely and follow a creative path.

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