Important moral values for the students 

Moral values help to develop a good personality and decide between what is right and what is wrong.  And hence the development of moral values from the right age is very important. It is not something that an individual can possess in a single day. Learning and following the moral values from early childhood itself lead to proper growth and development of the students. The values such as honesty, respect, collaboration, kindness, etc help to develop a positive mind and character. It trains a student to make fair and correct judgments, decisions of life. Let us read about these values in detail. The learners who have good moral values can set and achieve the high standards of our society. 

Moral Values that students must have : 

  1. Empathy 

Empathy is a moral value that every student must possess. An empathic nature means understanding the problems of others and helping in resolving them. Everybody faces difficulties and problems in their lives but when they find somebody’s support and assistance, the level of complexity is reduced to a great extent. Teachers should teach students this moral value. Before teaching, students must possess the same value and qualities. Understand the students and their issues. What students will see their teachers doing, they adapt too soon. 

  1. Cooperation among one another 

Cooperative nature is very important for everyone. It is a process in which individuals need to understand and support each other for achieving mutual goals and objectives. Both traditional teaching classes as well as with th help of a teaching app should include the practices which will promote cooperation among the students. Group activities, team assignments, discussions, etc can be done to help students learn this moral value. 

  1. Respect 

Another value that all the students should have in their behavior and attitude is respecting younger people, elders, and people of the same age. To learn effectively and grow in professional careers, giving respect to others is very necessary. Respecting others, being kind, listening to them, acknowledging their efforts, etc must be taught to students from the younger days of schooling and learning itself. 

  1. Gratitude 

The feeling of thankfulness, and appreciating the efforts and help of other people is very necessary to live a healthy life. Education via a  teaching app and traditional classrooms should teach students the nature of gratitude. Students should thank and acknowledge their teachers who are helping them to become successful in life. Gratitude towards parents for all they are providing you with should be done by the students. 

Inculcating values in the classroom: tips for teachers 

Promote appropriate behavior. 

Promoting the right and appropriate behavior is a beneficial step that teachers can include in classes for making students learn moral values. In classrooms, the right behavior must be to respect one another, not use any foul language, follow discipline, stay away from physical abuse, etc. The best way to inculcate these habits and values in students is rewarding and scoring students as per their behavior. Other than giving scores on exams, teachers should follow this pattern to give behavioral marks as well. This will encourage students to be the best versions of themselves and attain good marks in this field. The records of all these markings can be maintained with the help of LMS portals

Teach moral value as a subject 

As with other academic subjects, moral values should also be taught to the students. Therefore, educational institutions and online teaching apps should develop this as a teaching subject and include it in the curriculum. We all know, when it comes to the subjects and marks, students take things in a proper serious manner. If moral values will be introduced as a subject, students will focus on this better. For this teachers can provide textbooks for the students which can include interesting stories and lessons. In the teaching timetable, a class for moral value subject once or twice a week should also be conducted. With the help of LMS, teachers can maintain lists of the scores, attendance, activities of this subject as well. 

Use technology 

Today’s kids understand and respond effectively with the help of technology. Blending verbal explanations along with the technical aids available can be practiced by the teachers to inculcate moral values in classrooms as well as their lives. Students understand best with the help of audiovisual tools. Therefore teachers should also include these in the classrooms. Watching Youtube videos or short movies which are rich in moral values is very helpful. Teachers can make attractive presentations as well as can give students to make one related to any moral value topic of their interest. Also, teachers and students can read articles and blogs published on the Internet about good work happening in society and other social causes. 

Model such values 

Students learn and respond very quickly to what they see. Teachers can inspire students to a great extent by inculcating moral values in their lives. What a teacher shows and possesses is promptly adopted by the students. Values such as responsible behavior, empathy, honesty towards work, collaboration, etc when shown by the teachers will encourage and inspire the students to follow the same. 


All the above-mentioned content tells us about the moral values that every student should possess. Also, we got to learn about the techniques that teachers can adapt and practice to inculcate moral values in the students during classroom study. The development of moral values among the students will help to maintain effective interpersonal relationships that will benefit their careers as well. 

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