Improve your SEO rankings and website speed!

Search engine optimization (SEO) should be your priority if you want people to find you through Google.

 The topmost result has a 33% probability of being clicked on Google. That means if you are not on the first page, you’ve lost a third of your possible traffic. What’s more amazing is that 75% of individuals will not look at the second page of search results. Other websites are ranking higher on Google because they are consciously attempting to improve their SEO. Website designing plays an important role too. 

It is, however, not too late for you to start.

Increase the loading speed of your page

For several reasons, the loading speed of your page is crucial. If your page load time is very slow, Google will notice and penalize you. However, a slow website will impact the visitors’ interaction with your content.

As a result, your ranking will take a hit because of those harmful interactions. According to studies, 40% of visitors will abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Even scarier is that 80% of those visitors will never return to that website. This is detrimental to your SEO ranking because it reduces visitors to your website. The popularity of your website will be seen by an algorithm, which will alter your search ranking accordingly.

Have relevant content on your website

You must give the browsing visitors a reason to return to your website to improve its fame and generate more traffic to it. High-quality, current, and relevant news are required. The so-called dwell time is another ingredient that affects your SEO ranking. This refers to the amount of time browsing visitors spend on your website per visit.

Fresh, fascinating, or newsworthy content on your site will keep visitors on your page longer, increasing dwell time. It can assist your SEO rating if consumers bookmark your website using the Google Chrome browser. Visitors are likely to bookmark your website if it has high-quality and relevant information.

Use appropriate keywords

This formula heavily relies on keywords. Throughout your article, you have to add words that people will search for. However, use it sparingly. If you go overboard with keyword stuffing on your website, Google will notice, and your ranking will suffer as a result. Keywords should be used in sentences in a natural way.

Include them in header tags and even the captions of your images. Long-tail keywords, which are three- or four-word phrases found in a search, should also be used. When it comes to writing search engine titles, the first thing to remember is that you only have 65 characters to work with. You might write the best headline in the world, but if it’s more than 65 characters, it’s too long. The best SEO company in India can aid with these services.

Reduce HTTP requests

According to Yahoo, downloading the various parts of a Web page takes up 80% of the loading time. Each of these items needs an HTTP request; hence the more on-page components there are on the page, the longer it takes for the website to render. 

Reduce the number of requests on your site by reducing the number of needless requests. Look over your files to determine if any are unnecessary. It’s possible that you won’t notice anything right away, but some of them are certainly good candidates for combining.

Reduce the response time of the server

The time taken for your DNS query is one of the essential elements in how quickly your page loads. Let’s pretend you wanted to go to the website You’d type this into your browser, but your computer wouldn’t understand it.

To find out the IP address related to the given URL, your ISP will execute a DNS lookup. The URL will be assigned an IP address, such as, that will direct it to the site you’re looking for. This step eliminates the need for users to memorize long sequences of numbers in order to access information on the internet. The total time it takes to complete this step is decided by how quick your DNS provider is. Else, you might want to consider switching to a quicker DNS provider.

Choose the right hosting option.

The majority of new website designing owners opt for the cheapest hosting service available in the market. While it may be sufficient at first, you will most certainly need to upgrade if you begin to receive more traffic. You will be sharing resources like CPU, disc space, and RAM with other sites on the same server when using a shared hosting service. You share a server with other sites when you choose VPS hosting, but you get your own dedicated resources. You get a lot more room with a dedicated server, but you also have to do more configuration and technical setup.


We hope the above tips help you improve your website designing and speed to increase your SEO rankings. Further, a website designing company in Delhi can be of immense help for beginners.


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