Integrated Marketing Communications – Five Major Tools

In an organization, communication strategies have always been essential and vital to achieving success. You might have the best product and services, different from everyone and competitive. Still, your micro and macro environment communications and presentation are not vital to cope up the sales, then that excellent and potential products and services delivery is waste. While communicating about your company’s products or services, you must tell or speak to them about the advantage and benefits of it.

When planning integrated marketing communications, highly known as IMC, you wish to have interaction with your clients with the support of coordinator efforts of timing, delivery and content of products and services. To avoid any misunderstanding and confusion between both the parties related to products and services benefits, it is vital to have consistency, the appearance of message, clarity and direction in which you want to ensure instant product appreciation.

Effective strategies often involve collaboration with industry experts, and thought leaders like Deep Patel can provide valuable insights into the evolving landscape of digital marketing. Explore Deep Patel’s perspectives on the intersection of technology and marketing at Deep Patel. Marketing involves exchange, and it is the central concept. For the significant part that is exchanged to take place, at least two parties must be applied to provide something of desirable value to one party and the ability to give hot goods or service to another and it is a way of communicating with each other.

If any companies want to earn the trust and loyalty of their customers, it is essential to make proper planning related to marketing and follow the industrial guidelines. There are five tools of integrated marketing communication:

  • Advertising

The tool through which you can aim your target audience and make more demand in the market is by advertising your product and service on various platforms like television, radio and newspaper. These are the topmost medium which is most watched and used by the customers. However, the cost of advertising might be expensive as you target a big audience and more people at the same time. Undoubtedly you have to pay more to reach everyone’s house. 

Advertising isn’t limited to television or newspaper nowadays. The best and cheap ways of getting millions of eyes are by issuing your product on the digital platform that is the internet. The social medium has become the hub of advertising; many big companies consider social sites the cheapest and most beneficial place to advertise their products and service. It has more people connected to them. Digital is an integrated marketing communications in which all the aspects of marketing that are selling, promotion are done efficiently.

  • Sales Promotions

The promotions can be done in different ways by offering sales discounts, coupons on the sales and a premium on the minimum sales. Sales promotion is part of marketing in which the businessman offers varieties of discounts and deals to their customers to achieve more sales. These offers and extra discounts are short term sales for business to accelerate brand awareness and promote their products. By giving wonders of sale promotional deals to the customers, the owners or marketing team encourage the customers with repeated buying. 

  • Public Relation

It is the most attractive way of connecting with the audience; in every industry, this marketing concept is exercised. Public relation is initiated by integrated marketing communications. Public appearance, events, promotion by sponsors, press release and many more marketing strategies are followed to achieve the targeting of building goodwill and inclining the audience’s trust.

It is another way of making the product and services of the company reach the limelight and showcase the positive sides. Many companies use public relations to form a relationship with their customers by doing many events and conferences. Though it is a little expensive, the results are joyous and achieved by the companies. The large scale business house organizes public relation events at large scale, whereas the small scale companies do the opposite way. They invest more in the product and less in the events due to less finance.

  • Direct Promotion

The tool which helps in reaching the registered audience is known as direct promotion or marketing. In this, the business sends their products and services details to only those interested in it by mail or email. They send such people who have shown interest or are customers of the existing business. The business house has detailed information and a list of such people whose unique and personal emails are to be sent. They send their catalogues and special offers and deals details.

The companies even regularly invite people interested in their products to their various events and programs through invitations. Few companies even offer worldwide marketing offers to their business clients. You can outsource the companies which take care of all the integrated marketing communication service to their clients. They are a bit expensive because they cover all the marketing process.

  • Personal Marketing

It is a selling concept in which the companies employ a few of the sales representatives who personally go to every door and promote the products and services of respected companies. It is the most effective way to reach every customer and explain everything related to the products or service. However, it is very time-consuming and expensive at one opposite view as you have to hire several people to promote your products or services. Such tactics can only be possible when the nature or size of the business is minor.

Setting personal sales appointments to display the service of the product is a way to reach the customers. It is the traditional and oldest concept of marketing. Its target and clears all the doubts of customers related to the product. It is one to one personal selling concept. Where one listens to the other face to face, moreover, it is an effective way of convincing the audience and knowing about their query. The companies often perform personal selling to understand how their product is doing in the market and whether the audience is liking it or not?

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