Is Now the Perfect Time for the Indian Film Industry to Enjoy Global Success?

Is Now the Perfect Time for the Indian Film Industry to Enjoy Global Success?

Did you know that the Indian film industry is older than Hollywood, produces more films than its American counterpart, and reaches a greater number of viewers? Bollywood was founded eleven years before the Las Vegas-based institution, it produces an average of 500 more movies each year, and reaches around 400 million more viewers than its western rival.

Hollywood, though, is by far the more lucrative organization, pulling in around $8 billion more each year than Bollywood. But could the tides be about to change soon? Indian films have historically struggled to have much of an impact on the west in the past but, thanks to the rise of the internet in the country along with streaming platforms, Bollywood could start earning greater global success.
The Rise of the Internet in India Will Have a Huge Impact
The internet seems like it’s been around forever in the west, but it’s still a relatively new phenomenon on the subcontinent. Over the last twenty years, internet penetration in the country has gone from 0.7% of the population to 45%. This figure is now rising rapidly, and India is already the second-largest internet market in the world with more than 750 million users.
This incredible rise will make India one of the world’s biggest powerhouses in the entertainment industry in the years ahead, and many major businesses from the west are now seeking ways to invest in the country. Consider, for example, other aspects of the entertainment industry such as the online gambling sector.
In recent years, there has been a massive rise of online casinos based in India. There are now so many sites to choose from that players need to use guides to find the best casino bonus in India. The fact that operators have promotions like deposit matches and free spins shows exactly how competitive and lucrative this aspect of the entertainment industry is, and it’s likely that other sectors of the entertainment industry will follow suit.


Streaming Services Making Indian Films More Accessible

Along with online gaming, streaming services are booming in India. These platforms have provided another marketing opportunity for films and series. With a vast number of these offerings being made available to users in other countries, the general standard of production seems to be improving. It is certainly becoming harder to differentiate between the top Indian-made films and Hollywood titles.
In the past, it was difficult for western viewers to access Bollywood films, as they were rarely shown in these countries. However, Netflix users are now able to get a crash course in Bollywood with titles like Pink, Pad Man, and Haider. Many of the films are in Hindi, but Netflix has provided subtitles in various languages to appeal to a global audience.
Now that Indian filmmakers are aware that their offerings are being watched by English-speaking audiences, some of them are opting to write them in the lingua franca. Some of the most enjoyable films in this bracket in recent years include Lion, Monsoon Wedding, and Margarita With a Straw.

Hollywood has always outshone Bollywood in terms of revenue because it has been able to market its films to a global audience. Now, though, the quality and worldwide appeal of Indian film is clearly improving. With the general entertainment industry growing on the subcontinent, this could be the decade that Bollywood starts to challenge Hollywood for supremacy.

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