Latest Women Handbag Trends You Should Know About   


The latest trends for ladies handbags 2022 will help you refresh your entire look in no time. As the end of the season starts approaching, it is time to consider your collection of bags for women while giving your handbag wardrobe the much-needed upgrade.  

Unlike outfits, shoes, jewelry, and other accessories, handbags for women tend to be slightly more transient. After almost two years of getting benched regularly, women’s handbags are back to serving as everyday essentials. If you are already contemplating your next big-time purchase, it is high time you should look into the latest trends for voguish ladies handbags that make a statement all around.  


 What are the Trending Handbags for Women 2023? 


Within the domain of fashion essentials, handbags for women are regarded as the most subtle accessories. Unlike visible thongs or leather harnesses, styles for ladies handbags tend to adopt a slower change of cycles -some new colors and hardware here & there. However, it is a great aspect! You can think of carrying along your designer handbag alongside different outfits or looks throughout the week, therefore, searching for versatility is important.  

Modern interpretations of old classics -including backpack styles and crossbody bags, imply you can look forward to saving your micro-purses for the next fashion season. You should know that you can always level up your handbag personality by choosing the right colors and patterns according to the latest trends.

Party Embellished or Sequined Bags

Party bags have finally made the long-awaited comeback during this fashion season. It looks like they are going to stay here for long. Ultimately, who can resist some sparkle as the party season arrives? It is particularly a famous trend as soon as we enter the festive season. Some of the major highlights of this handbag trend include sequined silhouettes and interesting embellishments dominating the handbag fashion domain currently.  

As far as the ultimate party trend for handbags is concerned, more will always be more. Therefore, you can take all your heart out in mixing and matching your favorite combination of sequins while leveraging the benefit of shining bright in the coming months. Fizzy Goblet brings forth the classic collection of trendy handbags for women in sequins and embellishments.  

Studded Detail

Whether you select a heavy moto-style spotted or studded handbag brand or explore the classic bursts of colors, the trend of studded details in handbags features some serious attitude. A fast-paced way of easing yourself into the latest handbag trend that dominated the runways, look forward to offsetting the rough & tough aesthetic while teaming your studded bags with uber feminine pieces. Finish your look with the pair of classic winter boots -like the biker boot, Chelsea boot design, or so more.  

The studded, embellished, and sparkly handbags have appeared across the runways of the world. These are, therefore, worth introducing to your wardrobe early the upcoming year. Team your classic pieces with timeless outfits to bring about some shine and sparkle. At the same time, you can also think of dressing them up later in the season with metallic skirts and sequin dresses for all the festive seasons.  

Clutches for Functional Pieces  

We are quite used to handbag trend featuring pendulum swinging back & forth. One season, we will be singing the praises of micro bags, the next we will be talking about oversized tote bags. Still, the overall functionality and diversity of clutch bags will not waver anytime soon. 

Clutch bags are great for storing smaller items -especially for those who prefer leaving back their entire kits at home. Influencers keep coming back through the handbag trend the upcoming season as well. We are constantly observing miniature backpacks, sparkles, fluffy clutches, and so more to accentuate your handbag wardrobe. 

Graphic Prints

While the most timeless bag pieces will be those in neutral shades and classic silhouettes, there have been statement bags that appear on the runways including the ones featuring interesting, graphic prints. The handbag trends 2023 will observe embracing the interesting geometric prints -worthy of a modern art gallery with angular, quirky designs at leading brands. The graphic look might not translate effectively into monochromatic iterations. 

Graphical or printed bags for women will easily complement your looks of a jeans and the sweater combo. With a slightly shorter span, it serves to be a handbag trend you might look forward to investing in.  

Potli Bags

It is time to indulge this festive season with the classic potli bags to be paired with designer juttis to enhance your femininity. Ditch your standard handbags and clutches to bring forth the essence of something more glamorous and sparkling like the interesting potli bags.  

Designers and leading brands like Fizzy Goblet are reinventing the standard potli bags for women by experimenting with different materials, sizes, and shapes. For those who wish to embrace minimalism and contemporary designs, look no further the stylish range of embellished and sequined potli bags at Fizzy Goblet. An embroidered potli featuring beautiful embellishments and sequins will serve to be the perfect match for the ultimate fashionistas. You can pair these stylish handbags with a sequined saree or ethnic wear for extra glam. am.  

Pay attention to the exclusive range of hand-embroidered zardozi pouch or potli bag by Fizzy Goblet if you are some who is a connoisseur of vintage, artisanal goods or an admirer of exquisite craftsmanship. Nowadays, you can easily come across multiple variations of potli bags that are creating quite a sensation everywhere -especially during the festive or wedding season. 


Whether you favor the office or travel mode, the latest trends for handbags for women will rule your fashion sense. There is a myriad of practical options for ladies bags that will set the stage the upcoming season. Choose the best range of trending handbags at a leading brand like Fizzy Goblet to spruce up your fashion game. The latest trends for women’s handbags will help you choose the best, timeless pieces as you flaunt them stylishly everywhere. 



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