Looking for the Best Inverter Battery in India? 3 Features You Must Look Out For

An inverter’s battery is its power center, which makes it a very crucial piece of equipment when it comes to setting up a power backup system that can offer consistent power during outages without any hiccups. Therefore, it becomes very important to choose a battery that can complement your existing home backup system.

In a price-conscious market such as India where  price is the primary driver behind our purchasing habits, consumers likely end up grabbing the battery that costs less rather than buying one that performs well. But that doesn’t have to be the case when you are looking for the best inverter battery in India. Multiple options are competitively priced yet offer stellar performance without you having to break the bank.

So how do find out which is the best inverter battery in India? What are the features you must look out for in a battery that makes it stand out from the competition? Let’s find out.

Longer operational life

An inverter battery is something we don’t buy every year, it’s something that should last anywhere between 5-8 years. The market is flooded with cheap quality batteries which cost less but don’t have the service life of a good quality battery. Moreover, quality batteries come with the guarantee of exceptional service life and durability that a cheap rip-off simply can’t offer. So, the operational life is a factor you must consider when looking for the best inverter battery in India. 

Low Maintenance Costs

It’s not the price tag of the battery that matters as much as the amount you would spend on maintaining the battery. A great quality battery requires very little in terms of maintenance and if you do the math; will save you a lot of money in the long term. High-quality batteries require almost ZERO to very low maintenance in terms of upkeep which will save you not only money but also the hassle of constantly having to check the battery for possible issues.

Running Heavy Duty Appliances 

If your battery isn’t able to handle heavy-duty loads during power cuts, it’s time to ditch it for a battery that can handle that load. The best inverter battery in India can seamlessly handle heavy loads and run heavy-duty  appliances without a glitch

A characteristic of a good quality battery is defined by its build quality, consistency, and the runtime, and Luminous has one such battery up to its sleeve which has been a market leader in its class.

The Red Charge RC 18000 150 Ah 

It is a tubular battery with a price tag of MRP 16170 and features a robust design capable of running heavier loads. The battery requires very low maintenance and can perform consistently during long and frequent power cuts. It’s manufactured using a high-pressure casting machine which gives it a uniform grain structure and makes it extremely resistant to corrosion and abrasion.  


  • Corrosion-resistant architecture gives the battery a long service life
  • Superior tolerance to extremely high temperatures
  • Excellent overcharge protection 
  • Quick deep discharge recovery
  • Fast recharge capabilities


Model RC18000, Lead Acid Storage Battery (Factory Charged)
Dimensions 50.2 x 19.1 x 44 (All dimensions in cm.)
Filled weight (±5% Kg) 52.5
Warranty 36 Months 

The market is flooded with all kinds of batteries of different shapes and sizes and it can quite often get confusing as to which one you should get for your home. However, always remember that it’s not always the best idea to save on a few thousands and buy a mediocre battery. Get the best inverter battery in India that’s able to provide consistent power for years to come and requires very little upkeep; the few extra thousands you spend on getting a good quality battery comes with the guarantee of peace of mind and exceptional service life for years to come!



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