Optimising profitability with the use of a CPMS

The cryptocurrency market has surprisingly emerged as a promising avenue for investors seeking significant returns on their investments, in the past few years, the previous to be a bit precise. However, even though the market provides a promising result and a windfall earning, navigating through the complex and highly volatile crypto landscape is nevertheless quite challenging for both seasoned as well as regular investors. 

In order to optimise their profitability and minimise the risks involved, investors are voluntarily turning to advanced tools such as Crypto Portfolio Management Systems (CPMS) in greater numbers. In this article, we are about to explore in what ways a CPMS helps investors enhance the profitability of their fund holdings and make well-informed and data-oriented decisions in this complex and dynamic world of cryptocurrencies.

What is a Cryptocurrency?

Before embarking on the journey to explore the modus operandi of a CPMS we better receive an insight into what a CPMS actually is. So, as in the paragraph that followed CPMS is an acronym for Crypto Portfolio Management System. It is basically a software that follows a complete algorithmic approach in its operations, is data oriented and comprises several tools that as a whole serve to their common goal; helping the users enhance the profitability of their investments in due time. 

Let’s say a user uses Binance, one of the largest and most popular Crypto exchange platforms for trading, buying, selling and holding their Crypto investments. In order to use a CPMS they will have to first integrate it with their Binance portfolio and thereafter the CPMS will perform all major investment related tasks for you including helping you file your Binance taxes for reporting it to the concerned authorities

What are the key features of a CPMS?

Mentioned below are some of the key features of a CPMS.


  • Diversification and Risk Management: It is through diversification a CPMS plays a prime role in aiding investors in increasing their profitability. A well-organised portfolio should include various cryptocurrencies, each with varying risk levels and potential for returns.


  • Real-time Market Analysis: A CPMS provides real-time market analysis to users, which in turn helps monitoring the performance of selected cryptocurrencies and the overall market trends.


  • Tax Optimisation: Crypto investments are subject to complex tax coverage. A CPMS streamlines the process of tax reporting by generating a comprehensive report of all the transactions and gains made by the user, thereby making it easier for investors to comply with tax regulations and potentially optimise their tax liabilities.


We talked about how there are a number of CPMS’ available out there, Binocs is one such CPMS only different and better than others. Binocs is considered as the most powerful CPMS because of its robust design and security parameters. It provides its users with every single feature that they need thereby becoming the ideal and preferable CPMS for all. You can integrate Binocs with your CoinSwitch portfolio and file CoinSwitch taxes and check for optimal profitability of your holdings among other benefits.

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