Planning the Ultimate Engagement Party: A Step-by-Step Guide

Although not everyone chooses to throw an engagement party, these events offer the perfect opportunity to celebrate your news with family and friends and kickstart preparations for your wedding.

Whether you want to go all-out with a big bash and invite everyone you know, or you prefer to keep proceedings a little more low-key, the below step-by-step guide will tell you everything you need to do to plan the ultimate engagement party.

Step 1: Set a date

Before you start to get carried away with all the little details such as the decorations and the music, your first job is to set a date for the party. In most cases, people throw an engagement party within one month of the proposal, although there is a bit of leeway with this.

When setting a date, make sure that you think about whomyou intend to invite and when they are most likely to be available, as well as what date will be best for your preferred venue.

Step 2: Create a guest list

Next, you need to make a list of who you want to invite. Although you may be tempted to invite everyone you have ever met to share in your good news, make sure you consider your budget, as the more people you invite, the more expensive the event will be.

Don’t worry if you cannot afford to invite hundreds of people, as smaller, more intimate engagement parties can be just as meaningful and memorable.

Step 3: Choose a venue

One of the most important (and often more difficult) decisions you will have to make is where you are going to have your engagement party. When it comes to venue options, there are lots to consider such as engagement reception halls, local restaurants, or even in your own home.

As mentioned briefly above, you should try and book your venue as early as possible, as this will enable you to get the best deals and will prevent disappointment.

Step 4: Pick a theme

Although not every engagement party has to have a theme, it can be useful to have one, especially when it comes to picking decorations, music, and food.

There are so many themes to choose from depending on the type of atmosphere you want to create. For example, if you love everything vintage, a Gatsby party is a popular choice. Alternatively, if you want a more classic event, a black-and-white-themed party always looks great.

Step 5: Send out invites

Lastly, you need to send out your invites so that all your hard work does not go to waste. You can choose between paper invites that provide the perfect keepsake for your engagement or, if you are short on time, e-vites are becoming increasingly popular with brides to be.

Another option is to throw a secret engagement party which involves inviting all your family and friends over under the pretense of a different occasion and then springing the engagement announcement on them. This can be a lot of fun and will certainly provide some amazing photo opportunities!

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